You’ve Got the Fire!!!


Han Qun Li, Arya Gunawan and staff of UNESCO Office Jakarta, November 2006

Han Qun Li, Arya Gunawan and staff of UNESCO Office Jakarta, November 2006

Hmm…I wrote this one day after I wrote the last writing earlier today Thursday, November 30,2006

Yesterday I feel so desperate (since few days ago actually). Now I have become the most serene person in this world (to my opinion)

I was so desperate looking for friends to HANG-OUT, to talk and to eat dinner after ofice hours.

Thank FRIENDSTER!! Through this magical cyber 6′ network – link – I FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE – my FRIEND CHARMING – whom I hungout with last nite, talked, shared ideas, experiences, knowledges. We felt so lucky last nite.

So, now I can bravely answer Elvis Presley question, “ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT?” NO NO!! yuhuu..

I have a friend now, a real one, not imaginary one or long-distance friendship. i can meet, i can talk face to face, not ON PHONE!

Cool friendster.

I will try to use the magic of FRIENDSTER again to look for THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!! – later – not now, I’m just too young for that, besides I AIN’T THAT INTO IT, YET. some other time. 3 years later? or six..could be or even faster, Only God knows.

But, right now I simply wanna focus on study and my career. Rite. I’m still young, some said, “too young” (thanx for the supports and saying)

So, I can slow down the speed of my life and stop, I need a break too, to think of what I have done and what I have been doing, and for sure what I will do in the future.

This life will give you “TWENTY ONE MINUTES” to review, again, your life. in that given time, you’ll think about your self and everything attached to it.

Still though…

I need some more friends to hang out and talk, as many as possible as I love getting new friends and listen to their life experiences. I am pretty open to everything new to be more knowledgeable.

One more thing before I end up the lines. I will be very glad to meet new people, whom I can work with to develop my existing communication consultant service business. Need more business partner to expand my business networks and groups.

Let’s enjoy “the Power of Networking!”

Cheers, Reiza

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