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Tips to Get Internship Place Quickly


1. Identify your internship objectives, goals and purpose of your internship, once it’s identified, it will be easier for you to list down or search for the companies, organizations or institution you want, or even you are dreaming of doing your internship in that institution. Make sure you have some institutions to send your application letters to

2. Create your very sophisticated and convincing interactive curriculum vitae. Design it, if possible make it in macromedia freehand mx or other design software, so it will look professional and persuasive. Try to mix and match with those institutions.

3. Collect all business name cards you ever got from people. Then you shortlist, which company or institution you want to be stationed in for your internship. But..don’t’ make any contacts or calls to that person, send email and ask the possibilities for doing internship in his/her company. If the response is positive..go to the next step.

4. Prepare all your needed documents to be sent to certain numbers of the companies. Don’t forget also to make a time frame before your internship starts. You have also to make strategy when to send them. Try to divide some..for example: you have 4 envelopes for 4 companies. Get 2 to send by early of the month..make sure that these 2 companies are less hopeful, or tougher to get into…then you have to also prepare last minutes application letters. The last 2 you send at the end of the month, the last week, and make sure these 2 are more hopeful..the more certainty you will be accepted…please take notes.

5. Then it’s the time you send the letters. Make sure if you address the letters to the person you know, write P&C on the corner top left. It will be accepted directly by the person you address..okay. once they’re sent you just wait and be patient..and don’t make any contacts yet until you are called for interview or even, directly for work.

6. If you are accepted in more than 2 companies..please kindly tell them that you are already accepted in another place..make sure you chose the best amongst those 2 options..

Anyway, all the above tips are based on my personal experiences..i do the same thing as written. It’s for those who haven’t got any internship yet.

Note: those tips are applicable for Indonesia-located companies..for overseas internship, you shall do it one year before it starts.

Acknowledgement to British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia (BritCham)


This was attached to my internship final report for BritCham and was presented in November 2006

To get an opportunity to do my internship program in British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia (BritCham), Jakarta is truly an immense time to gain a lot of new organizational knowledge and experiences. I’m very fortunate to be here as I am positioned in BritCham Events Department that is positively related to my major, Public Relations.

I want to also convey lofty gratitude to BritCham, especially Mr. Lukas Rahmidin, Business Manager of BritCham, for giving me this two-month internship opportunity and many other opportunities to learn a lot of things regarding working in an organizational environment whose core activity is facilitating trade and investment between Indonesia and Britain.

Although, I had been working with a small – in terms of organizational scale – but fast-growing – in terms of events organization frequencies – organization that is British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, but certainly I had wide opportunities to look closer at its very appropriate elevation and was also able to identify other foreign business chambers’ existence in Indonesia.

BritCham’s events precisely offered me broad horizon to see the sights of Public Relations from a very distinct point of view. Vast amount of events organized from Networkers Meeting – organized every Wednesday morning – to BritCham Business Networking – organized every last Wednesday of the month – obviously provided me with new practical substances of Mass Communications in advance.

I am very grateful to be part of the events department of British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia and for the full supports and the high encouragements of all BritCham staffs during my internship time, especially Mr. Gary Andrews (Executive Director) and Mr. Lukas Rahmidin for “the fastest interview I have ever been before I started the internship and other staffs who have supported me a lot.

Acknowledgement to Cardig International


This acknowledgement page was inserted in my internship final report
(This was done and presented in August 2005)

Getting an opportunity to do my internship program in PT. Cardig International Group is really such a great time to gain a lot of new knowledge and experience. I’m very lucky to be here as I am placed in Corporate Communication Department and this is definitely related to my major, Public Relations.

I want to also express high appreciation to the company for giving me many opportunities to learn a lot of things regarding aviations and logistics industry and these are what the company’s core business running on.

Even though I have been doing the internship in the holding company that is PT. Cardig International but surely I had wide opportunities to look closer at its eight subsidiaries as well, both in the headquarter in Halim Perdanakusuma and in the branches in Cengkareng.

Cardig News exactly gives me a very big pride during the time being as I contributed a lot for the improvement of the appearance and also the increase of the page numbers from five pages into eight pages in every single edition.

I am very thankful to be part of Corporate Communication – Corporate Secretary of PT. Cardig International and for the full supports and the high encouragements.