BritCham Chapter 5: Conclusion, Recommendations and Suggestions


The worth of the internship program

Two-month internship program in BritCham is absolutely valuable for all students of President University, particularly Public Relations students. I personally strived numerous of new knowledge and experiences concerning Public Relations in organizations – Chamber of Commerce and Industry – in the organization where I did the internship program, British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, I was attached to BritCham’s Events Department, which obviously suits my major Public Relations.
Through the internship program in BritCham, I learned many things to improve personal skills because most of the activities I got involved in are related to Public Relations such as desktop publishing, member relations, media relations, marketing communications and networking as well as business referrals. I also got opportunities to uphold professional development.
Internship program for students is more to be expected to be a training program before students eventually enter the real working environment after graduation. During the time being students can learn and gain a lot of working experiences, which are essential for personal development and professional education and are worthwhile to practise us to enter the working life.

The impact on study and career plans

Beyond doubt, the internship program gives influences on my schoolwork and my profession plans. When I was doing the internship in BritCham, I found out that the organization sets a superb standard on its events organization. Besides that, BritCham seeks for open network and membership with people on important positions in various corporations and organizations, which is definitely an opportunity to build own personal-network.
Furthermore, to expand the networks, BritCham organizes events namely Networkers Meeting and Business Networking. As a foreign chamber of commerce and industry in Indonesia, BritCham should maintain very wide network with various corporations and organizations in order to support the day-today activities as well as all BritCham organized events. Besides, the network will ease the activities of BritCham.
For that particular reason, I start building and maintaining my own personal network for future benefits when I get into my professional career. Network is definitely important for all people not only for our professional career but also for our personal matters. I call this “the Power of Networking”, to develop our career and to maintain our connection. Since some multinational companies look for people with wider network in so-called marketplace to be positioned in the institutions’ top positions like Public Relations Manager.

Personal growth

During the internship I have build a lot of new networks with a lot of new people from various companies and organizations. In another words, my network has expanded. One of our lecturers, Mr. Gary Plant, when I met him in BritCham’s September Business Networking said, “In business, it isn’t about what do you know, but who do you know.” His statement shows how vital network is to myself.
Development would be the most appropriate word to describe the process of my personal growth. Interaction with BritCham staffs, members, clients and so many expatriates, particularly British people as well as with the British Ambassador to Indonesia, HE Charles Humphrey, makes me much calmer and relaxed to converse to people with different background.
Equanimity and professionalism will determine the intern to succeed the internship program. As my first objective to do an internship program in BritCham is to develop my network, I have got what I expected and this is definitely valuable for my future career and beneficial to my networking aspect.

A recommendable internship for other students to take
Even though only two-month internship program, I have learned and strived a lot in terms of networks, design skills and events organizing as well as public speaking ability. BritCham is a recommendable organization to do an internship program for students who aims for network development.
I have discuss with my on-site supervisor, Mr. Lukas to get another intern student of President University to replace my position in BritCham Events Department and to continue the forthcoming assignments.

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