Today’s Hope


October 8, 2003

Hi, I really have no idea what to write, but I will tell you about my hope today. First second of today I was still awake in my lovely colorful dormitory. I chatted with my friend, in the third floor. Actually we discussed our accounting assignment but no longer clear. Then we shared our life experiences, it was truly informative and we could learn from each other knowledge. He told me about the ghost in our dormitory but I did not really believe that even though it was spooky enough. I told you, I’m not superstitious. I do believe that ghost exists, but it’s none of my business. After all, we stopped the dialogue. I was so tired and, of course, so sleepy.

I stepped back to my room in the fourth floor. During the way back, I was thinking of the ghost. What would have happened if suddenly the ghost had showed itself? But no, I put that silly imagination away from my mind. “I want to sleep peacefully tonight!!” I persuaded myself.

After entered my room, I felt at home again and then I laid down my body in my comfortable bed. I turned the light off. I saw my stars glowing in the dark, it was amazing. Before closing my eyes, I still had to do two things. First, I had to sms you, my friend! And say good night and wish you have intuitive dreams. But why you didn’t reply it? Okay, you must be asleep already, right? I didn’t want to disturb your dream world. Second, I had to pray to God, to wish a hope for today. I talked to God, “God, please love, bless and protect my treasure and I hope today will be a beautiful and happy day.” After speaking with God, I went to my invisible land. I did sleep well even it was totally cold because of the rain.

At the moment I feel definitely happy because I saw your smiles, laughter and warmth in the library. Thank you for the beautiful time you gave to me ya! I wish you all the best and have a blessed Wednesday…

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