Wise Heart


Monday, October 13, 2003

Dear Silence,

It sounds unbelievable but I do, I love you, at the first sight. I didn’t expect this feelings, it came to me suddenly on the day you talked to me in silence and reflection. I can do nothing but only keep this flame burning. It makes me blind. I sacrifice everything for you, just for you, without knowing what I’ve been doing. No matter the highest mountain, the deepest sea, the longest distance I‘ll take to bring me closer to you, to the depth of your heart. With you, I feel like I could conquer the world today, everything becomes easy for me to reach. You gave me everything; new life, true love, great strength, and many more that brought me to the balance of happiness. More importantly, your meaningful words are music to my ears. They light my way through the darkness and feed me when I am hungry and thirsty from your tenderness, love and care. They create me to become a mature person, who finally realize that love isn’t about to have but love is about to give.

When you told me that you would leave me for a day, I felt I would lose you forever. I know it was exaggerating but my feeling was true, it didn’t lie to me. I was lost in a lonely place. I need you, my guiding star. If you had known what I felt that day, I might’ve got your love. If you had realized that you’ve stolen my single second, minute and hour to think of you, I would have got a place in your heart too. This untold feeling hurts me everyday and brings me to the strangest place of misery. If you knew how much you mean to me, would you love me? Please, don’t keep silent, tell me something! I’ll accept whatever you say with grand wisdom and peaceful smile. This I promise you, the saint from the Garden of Eden. I’ll still love you in worst and best. I love you just the way you are with your weak and strong sides.

I undoubtedly miss those lovely and affectionate days. Now it becomes impossible to dream of. Everything I’ve got leaves me alone in my solitary lives. In this life I can’t have you but all I can do is hope and pray to God so that we can meet again in heaven and live happily ever after. Now, I’m ready to release you to fly away to the highest firmament. I thank God I have ever had you in my heart and I thank you for my life. May God bless your every single step you make.

You beginning and end will always be with me.

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