Cardig Chapter 3: Activities, Project Involved and Experiences


A. Organization Structure of Corporate Secretary

B. Brief outline of Corporate Communication

Corporate Secretary in PT. Cardig International is supported by three divisions which are Corporate Legal, Corporate Communication and Corporate Administration. While, Corporate Secretary person is a senior corporate officer with wide-ranging responsibilities, who serves as a focal point for communication with the board of directors, senior management and the company’s shareholders, and who occupies a key role in the administration of critical corporate matters. The Corporate Secretary is often confidant and counsellor to the Chief Executive Officer and other members of senior management, especially on corporate governance affairs.
In Corporate Secretary especially in Corporate Communication division we could further learn about understanding the company’s business thoroughly; having a basic knowledge of corporate and securities law; demonstrating a presence and being able to back it up with solid communication skills; being sensitive and intuitive to what the CEO and directors are thinking and feeling; being able to read signals on the scope and provide early warning to management; being able to mediate and achieve consensus; knowing how to overcome bureaucratic thinking in the company; being detail-oriented; being flexible and creative; and, finally, maintaining a sense of humour and balance no matter how pressured a situation.
Corporate Communication in PT Cardig International is supported by two sub-divisions that are (1) Media Relations & Public Affair and (2) PR & Marketing Communication and is the division where the intern got involved in the communication within the company and its subsidiaries deeper since it is most visible function that may be centralized or distributed across a company’s unit. Additionally, corporate communication is also the processes a company uses to communicate all its messages to key areas – a combination of meetings, interviews, speeches, reports, image advertising and online communication.
Corporate Communication supremely is an attitude toward communication or a set of mental habits that employees internalize. The result is good communication practice that fills an organization and is present in all its communication with electorates. Corporate Communication is clearly described as the product of communication, be the memos, letters, reports, web sites, email, speeches or news releases. The comprehension of these messages is what a company sends to its internal and external electorates.
Media Relations services are offered by Corporate Communications to both holding company and eight subsidiary companies of PT Cardig International. The services cover Group Media Handling, Group Newsletter, Media Monitoring & Subsidiaries News analysis, Media Exposure (press conference, interview and advertorial), Press Kits (Press release, Q&A and corporate fact sheet) and also Corporate News Portal (Intranet).
Corporate Communiaction 2005 Manual – attached – gives clear illustration of what the intern had done in the company during four-month internship program. Even though the intern did not involve in every single point of activites, the intern had done and contibute a lot in the development of Cardig News, especially. Furthermore, what the intern did in the intrernship in PT Cardig International will be briefly explained below as well as the barriers encountered.
1. Media Monitoring is a corporate action that monitors the latest development of aviations and logistics industries which are the core business of PT. Cardig International and its eight subsidiaries. In order to get all people within the company informed, Corporate Communication division provides the services by monitoring all news related in both printed and electronic media. Media Monitoring includes Daily News, urgent and important news and also case analysis – upon request.
a. Daily News is a newspapers-and-magazines monitoring which is presented daily basis to all subsidiaries. The issues rise up in terms of the related business in aviations and logistics industries. To make the report easier to access (as archives), the daily news will be included in the Corporate News Portal. So, all subsidiaries can search any related information that they need through this corporate portal.
The objectives of Daily News are to keep some people in the particular managerial levels well informed of the recent issues regarding the development of Cardig International Group core business by sending them the English digest of Daily News every morning before 11:00 a.m. through the Internet as well as to make information database regarding the development of aviations and logistics industries in Indonesia and overseas.
The target audience of Daily News are employees of particular managerial levels in Cardig International Group and the language policy used is English.
There are barriers in the making of Daily News during the intern’s four-month internship program. Once, the intern should take care of Daily News himself as the person in charge of Daily News was on two-day leave for a seminar. The time was really enriching since it was the intern’s first time to digest and to launch Daily News himself without concrete guidance.
b. Urgent and important news monitoring which is related to the company’s businesses; both direct (exposures of CI Group) or indirect (aviations and logistics news) issues. Sometimes there is news that stimulates the industries of aviations and logistics and it means that it will also affect the company’s businesses. Furthermore, the service also takes care of the news that exposes Cardig International Group so that the company can keep aware of what outsiders think and know about Cardig International and its subsidiaries.
The objectives of urgent and important news monitoring is to create also a data bank of Cardig International Group Media Exposure to make the company updated of what the company and its subsidiaries are being exposed to public.
The target audience of the program is internal users of the data both the holding company PT. Cardig International and its eight subsidiaries.
The barrier of the job is that Cardig International is a low-profile company so the media exposure collected from the media is not many and as a result, it affects the quantity of the databank of the information required.
c. Case analysis is another service provided by Corporate Communication to be distributed to the end user or another department and usually it is requested by the Board of Director (BOD). The cases are mostly related to the company’s core business – aviations and logistics – scopes.
The objective is to advise to the BOD about the sensitive issue could be covered up on the media as an early warning system or of upon-request case analysis is to provide information to the end users as it is upon request works for particular uses and purposes. Usually, it is done for the BOD and Business Development division.
The target audiences of case analysis are BOD and other departments especially Business Development division.
The barrier is that sometimes the user requested to collect materials from the last particular times to be analysed and it exactly took a little while to gather all requested materials and to get the analysis done.
2. Media Clipping is one service for the holding and the subsidiary companies of Cardig International Group provided by Corporate Communication division. The officer of Media Relations daily collect the articles related to aviations and logistics news found from daily newspapers, magazines and also tabloids. Later, the articles clipping will be collected in ‘Aviations and Logistics News’ binders and will be kept in the data room.
The objective of Media Clipping is to provide data and information related to aviations and logistics industries which are the core businesses of Cardig International Group in case the company needs the information for future uses.
The target audience of the clipping is Cardig International and its subsidiaries especially the Corporate Communications and Business Development divisions.
The barrier task is that the first time the intern came to the company and worked on the clipping, it did not have a certain format for the forms. During the time being, the intern created appropriate forms for which media the articles are from and when the media was published. So, now the media clipping has its proper forms for each media the articles found as the Media Relations officer has to daily read at least seven printed media like Media Indonesia, Kompas etc. Until now, the forms of Media clipping created by the intern during his internship program are still properly used by the Media Relations officer as it eases the way when in case somebody needs some articles from particular media on specific dates.
3. Media Conference is also another service provided by Corporate Communication of PT. Cardig International related to Media Relations.
a. Press conference is an event organized by Corporate Communication for some special occasions like General Meeting of Shareholders and the Anniversary celebration inviting both printed and electronic media journalists.
The objective of press conference was to maintain good relationship with media as there will be mutual benefit if the relation is well maintained.
The target audience is media journalists both printed and electronics.
The barrier was when the invited journalists are not all coming so the expectation of media exposure is not fully accomplished.
b. Press corner is more likely to be another form of press conference but in press corner journalists are not directly invited but if they come to cover the events they are welcome to do the exposures.
The objective was to identify how far the events organized are widely heard by journalists even the company does not invite them and their coming indicates that the events and the company are well known by media.
The target audience was both printed and electronics journalists.
The barrier is that when there was ‘unknown journalist’ from ‘unknown media’ came to the event, we still had to treat them well and sometimes also the journalists came only for ‘tips’.
4. Media Analysis is also another form of corporate services provided by Corporate Communication of PT. Cardig International to its subsidiaries. In order to improve and to develop the business of the company, the topics of Media Analysis are related to the company’s core businesses which are aviations and logistics.
a. Lion Air Media handling was the first assignment given by the intern’s on-site supervisor on Media Analysis. The analysis covered the cases of Lion Air’s chain of accident in some airports in Indonesia and how the Public Relations Manager of the company explained to the media and to public about the accidents and how the company gave the insurance to the victims.
The objectives of the case analysis were to observe the causes and the consequences of the accidents of Lion Air’s aircrafts and also to study further how the Public Relations Manager of Lion Air did the communication matters to neutralize the situations after the accidents happened.
The target audiences of the analysis were the BOD, the Corporate Secretary and the Corporate Communication of Cardig International.
The barriers was that the assignment was quiet premature to be given to the intern as aviations and logistics are new things for the intern so the intern should adjust accordingly and fast to follow the process of the analysis.
b. Airport management was one topic requested to be analysed as the company also plans the business development that is related to airport management in order to support one of its subsidiary that is JAS which provides airport services to its customers.
The objective of the analysis of Airport Management was to provide information and accurate data specifically regarding airport services in some other airport in the world as a comparison study for developing business.
The target audiences of the analysis were the BOD of Cardig International, Business Development officers and also PT. JAS as a direct user.
The barriers were the first time the intern’s on-site supervisor assigned the intern to look for all related and supporting information in the Internet, the intern did not have the Internet connection in the laptop, so the intern should use a colleague’s computer to connect to the internet.
c. Low Cost Carrier was the third assignment given by the intern’s on-site supervisor regarding Media Analysis services by summarizing a book given by one director of Cardig International to the Corporate Communication Manager. The book is about the business of Low Cost Carrier in the world and it is related to the business development of the company.
The objective of the analysis was to summarize each chapter of the book and then to discuss further about the concept of the Low Cost Carrier business.
The target audiences are the intern’s on site supervisor who is the manager of Corporate Communication and also the direct user of the analysis who is the Chief Operating Officer of PT. Cardig International.
The barrier was the time constrain because at the same time the intern’s should work on article composition for Cardig News 3rd edition, so the assignment was eventually asked to finish only some parts of all.
d. Lion Air Media Monitoring was the last assignment regarding Media Analysis services. Lion Air Media Monitoring was to monitor the actions of Lion Air in buying 60 Boeing and the MOU was ceremonially signed by the President of Indonesia in the United States during his official visit and the moment was covered in more than 480 articles in the world.
The objectives of the analysis were to observe the corporate action of Lion Air in buying 60 aircrafts from Boeing for the business development of PT. Cardig International and how Lion Air got world-wide media coverage.
The target audience were the BOD, the Corporate Secretary and the Corporate Communication Manager of PT Cardig International.
The barriers were at that time the intern should borrow the materials from Assistant Vice President Procurement & General Affairs of PT. JAS and it took sometimes as it involved also subsidiaries relations and the assignment was asked to be done by the intern’s on-site supervisor as she was on leaves so the intern should everything alone without subsequent supervision.
5. Media Courtesy Visit is one of Corporate Communication plans to maintain better relationship with media both printed and electronic. Well maintained relationship between Cardig International and media industry is very crucial as it will benefit both parties in terms of news exposure. From the mutual-benefit relationship it is realized how important the relationship building with media is.
a. Tempo magazine visit was done in the intern’s first month in order to practice also how to communicate with media people in their office as well as how good relationship with media will benefit a company in terms information exchange and media exposures.
The objective of the visit is not only to maintain good relationship with the journalists of Tempo magazine but also to exchange some information related to military business which also affects the business of Cardig International
The target people of visiting Tempo magazine office is Corporate Communication officer especially the one who handles Media Relations.
The barrier of the visit was not really significant as the journalist is a friend of the Corporate Communication officer. So, to get the information required was not as difficult as the intern might have thought.
b. Republika newspaper visit was also done in the intern’s first month and was also a part of Media Relations practice. The visit was also purposed to apply further the concept of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) because through visit the company donated money for the Tsunami victims in Aceh.
The objective to visit Republika newspaper is also to maintain good relationship between Cardig International Group and Republika itself. Besides that, the company also expressed its Corporate Social Responsibilities for the victims of Tsunami in Aceh by giving the donation through Republika.
The target audiences are the employees in Cardig International Group as well as the readers of Republika as the donation also published in the newspapers and it was one way to inform people that Cardig International also cares of the Tsunami victims in Aceh.
The barrier of the visit was that the Media Relations officer knew nobody in Republika newspaper, so the process of the donation giving took quiet long.
6. Group Newsletter is another way while meetings are an important way to communicate with employees, the most common form of interaction on a regular basis is bound to be through the printed media. Cardig International Group publishes bimonthly Group Newsletter called “CARDIG NEWS“. Group Newsletter should be used to communicate important ideas to employees in order to make employees feel that they are insiders under Cardig International Group, a part of the team, and on the cutting edge of what is happening within the Group and its industry.
a. Cardig News 2nd edition: April – May was the first Group Newsletter the intern got involved in. In the making process, the intern did a lot of things from gathering the articles, interviewing the sources, translating the articles into English, taking pictures to the distribution. The intern had to go to airport in Cengkareng to take some pictures and go to design agency in Sunter to work on the layout settings, pictures placement and the printing.
The objectives of Cardig News 2nd edition were to increase the number of the pages from five into eight pages. Besides the pages addition, the publication team of Cardig News also expected to improve the quality of the lay out, pictures, articles as well as the rubrication coverage.
The target audiences are internal stakeholders including the employees of Cardig International and the employees of all subsidiaries.
The are barriers in the making of Cardig News 2 such as the intern had to work overtime in the design agency for the layout draft finalization and the intern also had to study aviations and logistics terms for the articles translation.
b. Cardig News 3rd edition: June – July was the second and the last time the intern got involved in the Group Newsletter of PT. Cardig International. The intern had to think about the development of the contents and some articles addition such as Business Partner page and to maintain Subsidiaries Profile pages which is actually the main strength of Cardig News.
The objectives of Cardig News 3rd edition were to maintain the quality of the layout settings, to improve the articles quality in precise and accurate matters ass well as to give a space for Business Partner rubrication.
Target audiences are internal stakeholders including the employees of Cardig International and the employees of all subsidiaries.
There were more barriers faced by the intern during the making process such as to improve the quality and the quantity of the articles. The intern also still worked overtime in the design agency for the layout setting and in the office for articles correction and approval for the printing. As the draft got a lot of corrections from the Corporate Secretary, the team had to fix up a lot of things like the spelling errors, the contents and the pictures selection. But then, through so many comments and corrections, Cardig News 3 eventually got better and improved in terms of the physical appearance compared to the two previous editions had been published.
7. Communication Workshop 2 is a workshop regularly organized by PR & Marketing Communication of Cardig International. The workshop is aimed to transfer knowledge from the guest speakers invited to the audiences. Surely, the topics of the workshop are mostly related to communication which is also applied science of Public Relations.
The objectives of the workshop are to give new knowledge and science to the employees of Cardig International Group regarding the applied science of communication in corporation and also to improve the employees’ abilities in terms of corporate communication.
The target audiences are employees of PT Cardig International as holding company as well as its eight subsidiary companies.
The barriers as the workshop are organized regularly every three months, PR & Marketing Communication should find another good topic for every workshop held as well as by inviting the right speakers from various sources – could be media people or Public Relations practitioners.
8. Group Communication Crisis Manual which presented by the intern, directed to act in any situation that threatens the integrity or reputation of the company, usually brought on by difficult or negative media attention. These situations can be any kind of legal disagreement, theft, accident, fire, flood or manmade disaster that could be attributed to Cardig International Group. It can also be a situation where in the eyes of the media or general public the company did not react to one of the above situations in the appropriate manner. This definition is not all encompassing but rather is designed to give you an idea for the types of situations where to follow the manual is necessary.
The objective the presentation was to give the opportunity to the intern to present the concept and the idea of what Group Communication Crisis was in front of Corporate Secretary team besides to briefly inform the team and discus with them how to handle Communication Crisis in the company when it occurred.
The target audience of the Group Communication Crisis Manual presentation was the team of Corporate Secretary which consists of eleven people.
The barriers were occurred before the presentation as the concept should be developed and analysed while the time available was quiet short. Not only that, during the presentation the intern should use both English and Indonesian as the concept of Group Communication Crisis was complicated and one Corporate Communication officer worried if the message could not be correctly delivered if presented in English.

Those are some activities the intern got involved in during the four-month internship program in PT. Cardig International in Corporate Communication division – Corporate Secretary. In the making process of each activity the intern could learn deeper through problem solving process, analytical assignments, communicational tasks, etc.
All activities mentioned above are parts of Corporate Communication in PT. Cardig International responsibilities and through the activities and projects involved and the experiences gained, the intern had the opportunities to apply the knowledge science of Public Relations in specific scope that have been taught in the classroom.

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