Cardig Chapter 5: Conclusion, Recommendations and Suggestions


The worth of the internship program

Four-month internship program in companies is definitely valuable for all students of President University. I personally gained a lot of new knowledge and experiences regarding Public Relations in aviations and logistics industries. In the company where I did the internship program in, PT Cardig International, I was placed in Corporate Secretary specifically in Corporate Communication Department which obviously suits my major Public Relations.
Through the internship program in the company, I learned so many things to improve personal skills as most of the things I did are related to Public Relations such as media relations, employee relations, pres relations, subsidiaries relations as well as interpersonal relations. I also got opportunities to maintain professional development.
Internship program for students is more likely to be a preparation program before we eventually enter the real working environment in the future. During the time being students can learn and experience a lot of things which are necessary for the personal improvement and professional development and are worthwhile to prepare ourselves to enter the working life after graduation.

The impact on study and career plans

Truly, the internship program gives impacts on my study and my career plans. When I was doing the internship in the company, I found that the company set a high standard on its employee recruitment. The higher the education of the applicants hold the higher the position the applicant can get. That is the reality I captured in the company even though it is not applied in every circumstance.
Furthermore, to get promoted, the employee should be able to finish some particular jobs assigned by the supervisor or manager with certain difficulty levels. The employee can be constantly promoted in condition they can maintain their day-to-day performance at a particular period of time.
That is why, therefore, I plan to get higher education. Not only holding a Bachelor degree but also a Master degree and even a PhD degree because somehow the degree we are holding decides where we are in the company later on in the future. Since some multinational companies look for people with higher education level to be placed in the companies’ top positions like Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Personal growth

Before, during and after the internship program, I noticed some changes on my personal growth. My on-site supervisor, Ms Trisia said, “the first time you came here, you looked like a student but after a while you could adjust accordingly. Now, you really look like a real employee.” Her statement indicates there are changes on myself.
Maturity might be the most suitable word to describe the personal growth. After getting interacted with the employees in the company during the internship, students would adjust themselves to the working environment in the company. How to properly behave would be a consideration to get involved with the colleagues. As during the internship, we might position ourselves not as students but same as other employees in the company but surely with different authorities and responsibilities.
Attitude of the interns will decide the success of the internship program itself. The employees in the company will judge how good and eligible we are from our attitude. If we can perform a good attitude in the company people will positively judge us and it will surely affect us in giving the best performance during the internship.

A recommendable internship for other students to take

After doing four-month internship in PT Cardig International Group, I would kindly recommend the university to send some other students to do the internship program in the company and its eight subsidiaries. As I got a satisfying result during the time being, another internship program done in here is definitely recommendable because most of the objectives of the internship program are completely reached.
During the internship program, I even referred a student to do his last two-month internship in PT. JAS (one subsidiary of PT. Cardig International). I even got the opportunity to speak with the Senior Vice President (SVP) General Affairs, Mr. Amirullah about his future plan to build a better relationship between President University and PT. Cardig International in developing internship program for the students of President University in Cardig International Group.

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