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The World Programme of Action for Youth (WPAY)


The World Programme of Action for Youth to the Year 2000 and Beyond was adopted by the General Assembly in 1995. It is a blueprint for the development of national youth policies in relation to the following ten priority concerns:

1. Education
2. Employment
3. Hunger and poverty
4. Health
5. Environment
6. Drug abuse
7. Juvenile delinquency
8. Leisure-time activities
9. Needs of girls and young women
10. The effective participation of youth in decision-making

On the occasion of the ten-year review of the WPAY in 2005, the General Assembly decided to add the following as additional priority areas to the Programme:

1. The mixed impact of globalization on young women and men
2. The use of and access to information and communication technologies
3. The dramatic increase in the incidence of HIV infection among young people and the impact of the epidemic on their lives
4. The active involvement of young people in armed conflict, both as victims and as perpetrators
5. The increased importance of addressing intergenerational issues in ageing society

The programme is available at: