PR stands for Public Relations or Personal Resolution


what to describe: PR
is that Public Relations, no?

Hell yeah…I find another term for what PR stands for: Personal Resolution.

Let’s get it on. Why I suddenly get this thinking? it’s because we are COUNTING DOWN before New Year 2007 is coming. We must make a personal resolution fo the year 2007. We can make it by evaluating the resolution we have made for the year 2006.

Time definitely fast; as fast as a mouse click and as fast you turn up your handpalm! It feels like I just made my 2006 resolution yesterday and NOW I have to make my resolution for the year 2007.

In general, I want to be better and do better than this year (2006). I want to achieve and put some plans into action. I have actually five-year personal resolution that I made until year 2010 – until I turn 27 – when my International Relations lecturer asked the class to do so. I did it. I made it up to 101 wish list – to do list – for another 5 years time. It was not so bad, At least I have some dreams on the list already, and now it’s the time for me to make them, one by one come into reality, so they won’t stay in that wish list forever, till the end of time. no way.

So, to make your Personal Resolution more challenging, you also have to make a Public Relations program to bring them into action. Yoou can PR-ing your resolution to your good friends, best friends, boy/girl friends, parents and families, so that they will support you when they know what do you want and what do you want to achieve in year 2007.

But don’t tell people about your resolution only tell those who really know you, who you think will support you to succeed your 2007 resolution. If you tell people you don’t know, or those who don’t really like you they will mess up your plans.

You can work them out, slowly but sure…

Remember three good attitudes of a successful worker: fast-working, hard-working and smart working.

You work out your resolution with those three attitudes. You should work fast to catch up the deadline, you should work hard to realize them (forget a little while about laziness) and you should work smart – you make set some strategies, tactics to succeed your yearly resolution.

Those three working attitudes will be completed by another three personal attitudes: commitment, dedication and integrity add also a little professionalism in your working attitudes. I ma sure you will be able to succeed almost 80% of your yearly resolution.

Don’t forget also to pray. Balance your spiritual needs, the rest you can wait for the results. You follow the process of them to complete.

Well, I think that’s about Public Relations and Personal Resolution, both will work. Again, trust yourself that you can succeed your plans next year.

I want to say a very early NEW YEAR greeting:

Happy New Year 2007
I hope we all can be better people in this life
I hope we all can be the hero for this planet
I hope we all can be the saviours for ourselves

Last, happy planing your 2007 resolution

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I first started blogging on wordpress in November 2006 that you can find at and later in January 2007 I added another blog at and I just recently added another blog in May 2013 at

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