Push Yourself Push It Hard



That’s what I can feel rite now towards myself: ILLUMINATING. I eventually could touch and work on the Communication Manual for the UNESCO Office Jakarta. After a while, I was in a state of moody feeling, today this morning after pushing myself to work on this project – concept – I eventually did it!

I did it! I made it!

Now, I must finalize the concept and furnish the layout of the paging, so it looks nice when it’s presented to the Director. This is what I want to: IMPROVEMENT.

It’s been three weeks I’ve been in not productive stage at all. Too many confusion, disappointment and feel so unsatisfied. It was horrible feelings that I have ever felt. It’s a great loss of precious time when you actually could finish your jobs in a day or two. But you realize that your mind drive you away from the will and motivation to finish them all at once. So, you delay and delay until you realize that the time is up. And you regret.

I think that the worst enemy of everyone in this life. They sometime think that time is enough, I still have time so they delay their jobs to be completed and they are simply too relaxed and…lazy. Don’t get drown into your self-laziness, fight it. You must take the control. Never let them control yourself and bring you to the end of a cliff, than you fall because you’re imbalanced.

Wake up!! Time is running fast.

You must also have Personal Timing Management (PTM) integrated with Personal Self-Control Management (PSCM) to bring you to your personal goals. It’s very necessary to learn as everyone of us needs to be able to control ourselves to work together with our heart and mind to go to our destination through the right direction.

I know that most of us – young people – think that our time is long, yet we feel so enthusiastic somehow a litle bit lazy to bring our dreams into reality.

Most people ask the secret or the key success of celebrities or successful people, public figures. In fact we’ve got the answer: Ask Yourself! Ask yourself first to answer the questions, find the answers within yourself, you’ll find them! youself is the treasure you long to find. Once you find the treasure within, you will love yourself more and more everyday. You find your SECOND-HALF self! He is the best buddy you will ever have in this life. You will love him as a part of yourself. Control it!

Again. Today was somehow so motivating, not that much till’ I eventually finished the basic concept of the Communication Manual for the office. Thankfully! After pushing hard myself to get through it. I did it!

You can use the basic conception that I made above:
Personal Timing Management (PTM) + Personal Self-Control Management (PSCM) = success

I hope that this little formula can help you to complete your every single task you are doing . So, you have to take control of the time – time frame – and you also have to control yourself to focus on that particular task. You know when and where to focus on what.

If you are in office: forget about your family problems – don’t think about it too often as it will distract your concentration. If you are at home: never bring your office homework, you’ll get frustrated whereas you must be relaxed at home. So, start taking control of yourself and your life.

Life is simply too beautiful to mix up things in the wrong place and time.

Use your time wisely and control yourself carefully.

About Mohammad Reiza

I first started blogging on wordpress in November 2006 that you can find at mohammadreiza.com and later in January 2007 I added another blog at reizamohammad.wordpress.com and I just recently added another blog in May 2013 at reizamonologues.wordpress.com

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