Proud To Be Indonesian: “The Power of Youth”


Are you proud to be Indonesian? I am proud of my “TANAH AIR” and to be INDONESIAN

This will be one of the best theme for my campaign for Indonesian youth. Proud to be Indonesian. I was so inspired when I accidentally logged on a Filipino people group, they are so proud to be Filipino and live everywhere in this world. They hold hands together to proudly say, “We are Filipino.”

Stop talking about other…

Let’s go back to our track. I just found it this morning. This will be a blast and outstanding theme to bring up to the surface’ to make it a national issue for Indonesian youth. We have to make them (ourselves as youth) to be proud of our country – “tanah air” – INDONESIA. So that we have great willingness to develop our country together.

To promote our country to regional and international programmes and events. Indonesian youth, no exception can be the country’s goodwill ambassadors to other countries. We must be proud of being Indonesian, otherwise we feel bad about to be Indonesian and it will be big problem to move forward to develop our country, Indonesia.

We must hold hands together and move beyond the borders of our ability as youth. If we stick together, we will be much stronger and then be able to build our country. Let’s create what so-called “the Power of Youth” we also have to be able to be a group of decision making for our country’s national policies specifically on the issues that affect youth life in Indonesia.

Youth has become an integral part of all countries as youth will be the next generation who build the nations’ idealism and carry on with the national duties to move forward to the future. So, we have to understand our imperative roles as youth in our country.

Let’s make a illuminating conclusion:

“Youth, the next generation who develop Indonesia for future!” 

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