The Treasure in Me


Treasure of ourselves is something so precious…and I just found it yesterday!

Sometime and most of the time we are looking for things. We are searching for something that we want out there. But remember, look inside yourself what you are looking for, first. You might have it inside there! Trust me.

It is the same case as if you are wondering what is going on. Ask yourself first. You might have the answer. Find it in yourself.

This is the treasure that God gives to us. We have everything we need and we want inside ourselves, but we are simply to hesitant to find it inside. We prefer to lok for it outside. We ask someone else. We look the treasure somewhere out there. Till we realize that we are lost in the middle of nowhere.

Your treasure is inside. It won’t go anywhere. It stays there as long as you keep them and as long as you nurture them.

We are rich. We are beautiful inside. We have to know it. and we must take care of it.

I was looking for someone who can really help me to organize my youth campaign and after long searching I found nobody, but guess what? I found this person, the right person who can really help me succeed my youth campaign, in the office!

This is what I call the beauty or prosperity of ourselves. Ask yourself first to figure out what you have inside. Remember you are always with your spirit within.

I feel so blessed to have such treasure. I am very thankful to God that I found it. Just know the basic principle. Ask yourself! I also would like to thank an Uzbekhistani guy who thought me this principle. Thank you for the lesson. I will remember this in my life. This is also self-empowering attitude that’s sometime forgotten.

Find the beauty and the treasure of your own before you look for it outside!

About Mohammad Reiza

I first started blogging on wordpress in November 2006 that you can find at and later in January 2007 I added another blog at and I just recently added another blog in May 2013 at

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  1. I certainly agree with you that each one of us is a unique and pricelss treasure. Thus, it is imperative that we feel proud about ourselves. Also, we should never cease in finding ways to cultivate ourselves. This is one good way of showing to the Creator how grateful we are for the treasures He has given us.

  2. Hi Den,
    Thanks for your comment. It is surprising that I wrote this article almost 2 years ago, been pretty long but you read it!
    Well yes, although years have passed I still embrace that conception – school of thought till today: that we, we are beautiful being in life and we, we have everything inside us; talk to ourselves for him or her is the best company for us along this life path, even though most of the time people forget and do not have time for theirs…

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