Beyond Borders: Banda Aceh Post-Tsunami


I believe I can fly…

One day before going to Banda Aceh was tremendously fascinating: a combination of all feelings that I never felt before. Happy, nervous, sad, enthusiastic and a lot more.

I can’t say what I felt, I can’t imagine what I thought. Everything was really in a big rush, but it was very distinct feeling – glad full of groans and moans but lack of creaks – what was that?! It was the second mind. But everything was fine after all.

You can check the complete stories on:

that’s the link to the day-to-day story of my shortcoming in Aceh.

Have fun reading!

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  1. thank you K’Reiza .. as an Acehnese , aku senang sekali .. mengobati kerinduaan sebagai sebagai ank rantau, hehee.. =)

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