Cast Away In A Small Town Called Cikarang


Cikarang, a small town full of industrial estates…

In this category, I’ll write everything I have been experiencing in this small town during my four years time living, studying and working in here.

Keep yourself updated with this category as I’ll write more in this session, will be more surprising with a lot of untold stories.

Cheers, Reiza

About Mohammad Reiza

I first started blogging on wordpress in November 2006 that you can find at and later in January 2007 I added another blog at and I just recently added another blog in May 2013 at

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  1. mm…i was a student in sma presiden until july 2006. now i’m doing my foundation in university in malaysia. up to now i’m still curious to know the situations there. i look forward for your nice stories about cikarang..especially our dorm….see u

  2. Hey Riady,

    so long no see. so, after July last year, you moved to Malaysia? I returned from Korea last August and I have been roaming around. I don’t keep myself updated with the current condition in Cikarang, but will write more about this small town more.

    So stay tuned in this category. Don’t go anywhere. Good luck with your university foundation in Malaysia. I’m now in Banda Aceh, but tomorrow will fly back to Jakarta on Saturday will go to Cikarang for the latest update.

    Have fun there.


  3. Ya…after my year 11, I enrolled in Swinburne University Malaysia (a branch of Swinburne Australia) to do my foundation majoring Engineering. I’m planning to visit Cikarang next month..So, see u there..

  4. Hallo My Name Is Tifany,,I will be a student in PRESIDENT Senior High School,,Can YoU tell me About Habitual in PRESIDENT??Maybe it will be interesting for me to join with PRESIDENT,,,

  5. dear Reiza,

    I need a favor. Could u give any information about SMA President? (d website)Is there any schoolarship?
    TQ 🙂


  6. hii…
    i was a student in president senior high school and i graduated in 2007(first batch of SMA Presiden)
    now i’m doing my elbp in Monash university
    SMA Presiden is a quite good school apart from its ‘half-military’ regulations. i was there for 3 years and i was so bored to death of doing all things there, especially marching and ceremonies because i’m a rebel i don’t like such things at all.
    In spite of all regulations, SMA Presiden is a high-quality boarding school. All students have to stay in the dorm and we are controlled ‘strictly’ -they call it so-, by some ex-soldiers of Indonesian army. Bu Musidah, Bu Anna, Pak Udjang, Pak Misran, Pak Sadhi, Pak Dawam, Pak Dwi, etc…
    The scholarship program there is for 10-highest-qualified students that got the highest point from SMA Presiden academic test.
    So, it’s worth trying if you think you are good enough…
    By the way, i obtained the scholarship, that’s why i went there…:-)
    “Mana semangatmu,,..??!!!Huuuu…!!!Haaaa…!!!Huuuu…!!!Haaaa…!!!HAAAA…!!!!!”

  7. Hi,I am danty kusmana. I am a student in 245 junior high school. I have a question,if someday I be the student of sma presiden,do you think I can be a smart student there cause I study at a nearby goverment school? Or do you have any suggestion for me? Actually I am just the first grade, masih jauh ya? Tapi tanya2 dri skrg boleh dong? Tks

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