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What My Heart Longs for


I miss my mom,
I miss my loves,
I miss my friends,
I miss my past,

I miss many people and many memories…

I feel that life is somehow, only like this
I lose the essence of life
How hard I work and forget
Life seems to be even crueler

I lose direction in this life…

I know what life would be, however
I sense that my hard work won’t be enough
I realize that this hard work won’t last eternally, with me
I know that this hard work will remain when I die someday

I know that this life is only for while…

But above all,

I will take this chance
I will work as hard as I can
I will try as long as I live
I will never give up without anything

I will serve as many people as I meet in this life…

After losing too many people I love in this life
I realize how short life can be
If I don’t really understand the meaning of it
If I can’t stand the hardships that will come to me


I know that something will keep me alive
I know that some people will support me to survive
I know that some bravery will take me to revive
Because I know I live for a while in this life

My heart, my mind, my soul
Are truly the best I ever had
When everyone, everything went away
But I know with them I will find the way

Life, can be hard, yet can be easy
It depends on what my heart say
And what your words pray

Happy New Year 2008


Surabaya, 1 January 2008

Dear people and friends,

I hope you are doing well these days and I am sure that you have done a lot of good things this year, though there should be ups and downs coming in and going.

As for me, I happen to experience a lot of things this year and I have been going through good and bad times all at once, but I have to admit that those experiences have given me very valuable lessons in life. I ensure that these will be credit points for us to go on to next year, to make better changes in our lives.

We are the people of today. The past is lesson and the future is hope.

I have been making, maintaining and improving a lot of networks with British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, UNESCO Office Jakarta, UNESCO Headquarter Office Paris, President University Youth Association, Bina Antarbudaya, 1st UNESCO Asian Youth Forum in South Korea, IMF Indonesia, Indonesian Merchants Association (APRINDO), Indonesian State Ministry for Youth and Sport, IIEF, The Jakarta Post, Media Indonesia, Suara Pembaruan, The President Post, 5th UNESCO Youth Forum in Paris, Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO, Korean National Commission for UNESCO, iEARN and ASPnet Indonesia, IACE Indonesia, Bayer Young Environmental Envoy Club Indonesia, Cardig International Indonesia, Teenage Ambassador Alumni of AEON 1% Club Japan and the second degree networks that those organizations are linked.

Getting the chances to visit a lot of places like Banda Aceh, Medan, Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Kuala Lumpur, Jeju Island, Seoul, Kuwait, Rome, Paris, Brussels, Cologne, Dortmund, Hamburg and Copenhagen; I also had my 4th time to visit Presidential Palace in Jakarta on the occasion of the 62nd Indonesian Independence Day; these opportunities definitely have given me a lot of new horizons and point of view. Meeting a lot of new people from different countries with distinctive backgrounds in many events, activities, workshops and forums really enriched myself with new ideas and surely these so-called “people-to-people” exchanges encouraged new networks and consolidated future partnerships.

I feel so blessed and grateful with these immense exposures to places, peoples and activities. Those occasions really helped me to get through hard times after my beloved mom passed away. I do hope that she could see all of those achievements I have made. Even though she missed a lot of things, I am sure that she got a much better place to see these.

Through this chance, I also would like to thank you for our mutual opportunities, networks, partnerships, supports and concerns as well as friendships that really supported me to be what I am today. I wish that you can be and do better next year and I am looking forward for our sustainable communication and cooperation in year 2008.

Lastly, I wish you happy New Year 2008. May God be with us always and may in 2008 we make more achievements for our personal and professional developments.

Sincerely yours,

Mohammad Reiza
President for the 1st UNESCO Asian Youth Forum 2007, South Korea
c/o Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO
Building C 17th Floor Depdiknas
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Senayan Jakarta
Phone/Fax: +62 21 5733 127
HP: +62 815 844 722 40