A Welcome Address from the Management of President University


(Published in President University Newsletter in 2004)

Welcome to President University

Your decision to be Students of President University is a very wise choice. I am saying that it is very wise since there are five main and useful reasons for becoming Students of President University.

First, using English as the medium of instruction will enable you to be spontaneously involved in international society.

Second, in reality you will actively associate with an international community, due to the fact that the tripartite academic society of President University (Students, Lecturers and Administrative Staff) is of diverse nationalities, among others: American, Australian, Chinese, Philippine, Indonesian, British, Canadian, Singaporean, Vietnamese, etc.

Third, the curriculum is deliberately designed to synergize theoretical knowledge and practical experience at more than 1,020 multinational and national companies in the industrial estate around the campus. Thereby, the graduates of President University are really well prepared to be skilful and professional for any work environment. It is even more likely that graduates of President University will be recruited to work at multinational and national companies around the President University Campus.

Fourth, well-furnished learning –teaching facilities (libraries and laboratories) supported by modern extracurricular amenities (swimming pool, tennis court, golf course, and other various sporting facilities as well as cultural arts) are provided at President University. It is also worth mentioning that President University is the only Indonesian university which has golf course.

Fifth, students, especially the first year ones, are required to live in the dormitory, so that they are able to socialize. This will certainly be very useful for them to develop a sense of togetherness, discipline, responsibility, independence, leadership and other virtues that will be invaluable assets for their future lives after graduating from President University. It is President University’s commitment to prepare you with knowledge, skills and strong character building, so you can be a wise human being.

Quietly reflect upon the benefits mentioned above, and you will certainly be aware that the five main benefits are only available at President University.
Therefore, once again I extend to you my cordial welcome. Rejoice that you have made a very wise choice to be Students of President University.

President University


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