New Friends from Malaysia


(Published in President University Newsletter in 2004)
Mohammad Reiza

Today (April 22, 2004) 25 out of 1600 students from Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia (KUIM), Kuala Lumpur, come to visit President University after having tour in Jababeka industrial area as well as the Waste Water Treatment Plan. They are guided to have a short campus orientation before they arrive in the third floor to follow the programs. A presentation about President University programs has been conducted to the Malaysian students who should be able to speak both Arabic and English in their university. Eight students who call themselves Papappella entertain them by singing three acappella songs after the presentation. Muhammed Adzrul, Program Director of four-day International Educational Visit Program says that the purposes of this visit are to build good relationship with President University and to learn more about Indonesian economy from the industrial visits and also as a program to use three-month semester holidays. He adds, “This is like common university but after entering the building it gives different impression, those are very high level of education, international surrounding and environment.” Even though this is a young university but the ability, the development and the performance are impressive. “This is excellent experience and beyond our expectation to visit President University” says Prof. Dr. Muhamad Muda, the Dean Faculty of Economics and Muamalat. The students are talented and capable of meeting the requirement to become future leaders, he explains briefly at the end of the programs.

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