Part 1: Profile


At A Glance
I was born in Surabaya 22 years ago exactly on December 17, 1983 in a simple Javanese family and raised in the hometown where my parents live now. My one-and-only brother lives with his family, works for Indonesian Air Force and is placed in Makassar.

Education Backgrounds
I was very thankful to my parents, as they are highly aware of the importance of their kids’ education. From kindergarten they sent me to good quality education institutions. I spent the whole primary educations in Surabaya from elementary school (1990 – 1996) at SD Negeri Kaliasin IV (State Elementary School), Junior High School (1996 – 1999), I studied at SLTP Negeri 1 (State Junior High School) and this is possibly Surabaya’s the best Junior High School up to now and from year 1999 – 2002 I went to SMU Negeri 6 (State Senior High School).

After graduation from Senior High School, I did not straight away enroll at a university. At that time, I got scholarship from Harlem Hogeschool, the Netherlands majoring in Small Business but I could not take it as I had problem with legal matters for the visa. I was also accepted for a place in Studienkolleg Hamburg as the language study preparation at Technische Universität Hamburg Harburg, Germany majoring in Information and Communication System – a three-year international bachelor degree program, but again I faced the same problem.

In March 2003 I obtained a scholarship-two from the President University Foundation and from September 2003 up today I have been studying at President University, Cikarang, Bekasi, majoring in Business Public Relations. In year 2007, I am going to graduate and get my bachelor degree of undergraduate education.

Personal Profiles
I am a person who is credible, friendly, honest and open-minded as well as sociable. Proactive, initiating and dynamic are my personality traits that describe how I am. I have a strong and tough work ethic: fast, hard and smart working with high commitment, dedication and integrity; three key elements of success that I always bear in mind.

About Mohammad Reiza

I first started blogging on wordpress in November 2006 that you can find at and later in January 2007 I added another blog at and I just recently added another blog in May 2013 at

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  1. Hallo…. Nice to find your blogs…

    Well, I think you’re lucky guy… because your parents gave you permit and opportunity to go abroad on a early young age, while other parents in Indonesia confined their son/daughter to get broader experiences….. I hope there are more parents like your parents in Indonesia.. hehehe………

    Ok…. success for you… nice to know you….

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