Part 2: My Life – An Overview


Hobbies and Interests
In spare times, I like going swimming, playing badminton, playing golf, singing, dancing, playing music instruments such as violin and flute, listening to music and traveling. While some things that attract my interests are Germany, science, public relations, international relations, media relations, cross-cultural communication, teaching, writing, environment, aviations and logistics, real estate and interior design as well as hospitality management.

I have some outstanding achievements in my lifetime. I was the runner up in provincial writing competition about various cultures of Indonesia in German language: June 10, 2002. Not only that, I was certified the champion by the former Minister of National Education Mr. A. Malik Fadjar in national writing competition about various cultures of Indonesia and Germany in German language on August 15, 2002.

Furthermore, I also get some scholarships such as Scholarship of Young Tourist Guide School granted by East Java Government Tourism Department, Surabaya in year 2002 (I was the youngest student and the runner up of the best graduations). Another study grant that I received is education scholarship 2 granted by the President University Foundation, Cikarang, Bekasi in year 2003.

I am going to go global and I have achieved international succession as the Teenage Ambassador of Indonesia Program to Japan organized by Indonesia Ministry of National Education, APRINDO and AEON 1% Club Japan in year 2002. In this chance, I was appointed as the spokesperson of Indonesia. Not only that, In year 2005 I have successfully achieved another international succession to have an opportunity to attend Teenage Ambassador Alumni Meeting in Japan organized by AEON 1% Club Japan: October 11 – 18, 2005 (attended by 11 participating countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Korea, Australia, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Brazil and Peru). Again, I was appointed as the spokesperson of Indonesian.

Skills and Competencies
As time goes by, I have earned some competencies such as ability of both oral and written English and German languages. I am also a computer literate of Microsoft Office programs and media program like Page Maker and Freehand. As I am a Public Relations student, I have improved my public speaking and presentation skills. Furthermore, during the internship program in the 4th semester, I learnt about aviations and logistics, corporate newsletter, news reporting and report writing, media relations, media monitoring, media analysis, media conference and media clipping. Through my working experiences, I learned a lot about integrated marketing communications, executive marketing, advertising, research & development as well as property and interior design.

Organization Experiences
I have some organizational experiences in a youth organization called Karang Taruna and I was appointed to handle some positions: Secretary (1999), Treasurer (2000), Vice Chairman (2000) and Chairman (2001 – 2002). In my High School time, I joined the Student Organization: OSIS (Organisasi Siswa Intra Sekolah) of SMU Negeri 6 Surabaya positioning Sport Department (1999 – 2000). In the second grade of Senior High School, I established a German extracurricular called DLS (Deutsch Lernen SMUSechs) at SMU Negeri 6 Surabaya. I am the founder and owner since August 25, 2000 and the Chairman: (2000 – 2002). After my graduation, as I declared myself as a young environmentalist, I joined a local environmental Non-Government Organization: Tunas Hijau Club in Surabaya (2003). Through this NGO we organized a tree planting festival as well as the launching of a city park, which was opened by the former Environment Minister at that time, Mr. Nabiel Makarim. I also worked on Magazine club: ‘WORD’ magazine at IALF Surabaya as an articles writer in year 2003.

During my studies at President University, I organized English course at President University for poor children in the surrounding. I am the founder (say: pioneer) & Program Manager from 2004 – 2005. My success in organizing this program was massively followed by other students during the time of Community Development. I was also involved in the Campus Newsletter: President University Newsletter as the Senior Journalist in year 2004. Furthermore, I was deeply involved in Community Development Project: Social Survey and Social Involvement in a village near the university as the Project Chairman from December 2004 to February 2005.

Furthermore, I also was involved in several organizational activities in President University such as Film Festival – Movie Club as the Chairman; Blood Donor and Charity Day 1, 2 and 3 as well as fund raising activities as the Chairman; Muslim activity on the Prophet Muhammad Maulid in year 2004 as the Managing Chairman.

International organization is also one of my main focuses. In the coming time, with other Indonesian Teenage Ambassadors, I would like to establish National Teenage Ambassador Association: Indonesian Teenage Ambassador Association to Japan. I would also like to propose myself as the Chairman and Spokesperson. Furthermore, I also created the International Teenage Ambassador E-Group: Teenage Ambassador Alumni Meeting 2005 E-Group: and I am also the founder and the owner since June 2005. Besides that, I also established another means of communication for all Teenage Ambassadors to work on our Teenage Ambassador International Foundation (TAIF):

Working Experiences
I also have some working experiences as a Tourist Guide; German-speaking tourist guide licensed by East Java Government Tourism Department since year 2002 up to October 2005. I also worked as a German private teacher for a private course for foreigners in Surabaya in year 2003. Furthermore, I was one of the jury members of Surabaya Cleanliness Competition held by Surabaya Cleanliness Department from May – June 2003.

With a Chinese student, I, as the Managing Director establish and work on Buddy Translation Agency in Cikarang since August 2004 – present. With some IT students in my batch, I as the Project Director worked on E-Square Web Development at President University in year 2004.

Additionally, I was offered to work for Cikarang Pos, a local newspaper in Cikarang, as the Managing editor and Redaction Board member since January 2005. Now, I also manage the Research and Development Department and work as the Marketing Executive of the newspaper.

I also got some working experiences during my Internship in Corporate Communication – Corporate Secretary of PT. Cardig International, Jakarta: March – June 2005. I have successfully persuaded my on-site manager to teach at President University this semester. Later, my manager and I plan to make a MOU signing between President University and PT. Cardig International in organizing the upcoming Internship programs for the students.

Besides that, I also taught private English conversation for business people in Cikarang and I was also cordially offered to work part time at PT. Graha Buana Cikarang, a subsidiary of PT. Jababeka Tbk at Plaza JB in Sales and Marketing Department for only three months working contract. With the team, I wrote some publicity to be published in some printed media like Cikarang Pos, Info Sunter as well as the company’s publicity brochures.

I am interested in all Germanic things, so I took German Course at Yayasan Goethe Indonesia Surabaya; overall, I have been studying German for eight years. When I was sent to Japan in year 2002, I also took Japanese Course at the University of Surabaya. Not only that, I also had the chance to join Guide Course with East Java Government Tourism Department in year 2002 before I departed to Japan. For the preparation of Eco-Innovate 2003 forum, I took English Course at English First Surabaya in year 2003 and before I enrolled at President University, I took Study Preparation course at IALF Surabaya. During my spare time, I also took a French Course at CCCL Surabaya in year 2003. I also learned Japanese again to prepare myself for the ‘Teenage Ambassador Alumni Meeting’ in Japan in October 2005.

I like doing research and I have been doing some researches since year 2002. First research on various cultures of Indonesia was written with the title of ‘Indonesian Auf Einen Blick’ in German language and was conducted from April – September 2002 (participated in provincial and national writing competition organized by Ministry of National Education).

When I was sent to Japan for the first time, I did research on industrial problem in East Java and was written in an essay titled ‘Industrial Cesspool’ in English language. The research was conducted from August – October 2002 (essay submitted to AEON 1% Club Japan). Another environmental research was conducted on environmental problem in Surabaya. From the research, I wrote ‘Green City & Free Air Pollution Campaign’ in English language. The research was done from March – September 2003 and the essay was submitted to Bayer Indonesia Tbk. for Eco-Innovate 2003 in Sydney selection. Furthermore, I also did research on cleanliness and wastewater problems in Jababeka Industrial Estate, Cikarang: ‘Alam-ku, Hidup-ku, Masa Depan-ku’ in Indonesian language. I did the research from April – September 2004 (essay submitted to BRI for BRI National Writing Competition 2004)

Another research regarding student vacation behavior at President University and was conducted and entitled ‘What’s Your Flavor for Vacation’ in English: January 2004. Research on employment problem in Indonesia was also conducted and written as ‘A Road to Interracial Work Park’ in English language: April – August 2004 (essay participated in Shell Economist Prize writing competition 2004). The last research was conducted regarding Korean People and the Dynamic: ‘Masyarakat Korea Dalam Sekilas’ in Indonesian: July – September 2005 (essay participated in Essay Writing Competition about Korea 2005 organized by the Korean Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia).

Seminars and Workshops
I also took some opportunites to join some seminars like Seminar: ‘Medical Plant and its Usage’ in Trawas, East Java organized by Eintopf Klub Surabaya and Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung gGmbH in year 2003. During the internship, I also joined Group Communicathon Workshop: ‘Wrting Technic for Media’ and ‘Journalistic Photogrphy’ organized by Corporate Communicathon of Cardig International, Jakarta in April 2005.

Printed Media Publishing Involvement
I have some experiences in printed media. I was involved in ‘WORD’ internal magazine of IALF Surabaya: July 2003 edition. In year 2004, I was th senior journalist of President University Newsletter and contributed some articles writing. Furthermore, I have been working with Cikarang Pos since January 2005 and have been contributing many more articles writing up to now. During my Internship in PT. Cardig International, I have contributed a lot in Cardig News for April – May and June – July 2005 editions.

After my graduation from President University I want to establish my own Public Relations firm. After earning one-year working experience with the firm I plan to apply for a scholarship at the State University of New York Master Program majoring International Relations. During the internship I want to look for an opportunity to do internship in the headquarter office of the United Nation Organization in New York.

After the graduation I want to work for the United Nation Organization in the Headquarter office in New York, America and I want to establish an international foundation, which supports community development in developing countries with all Teenage Ambassadors Alumni through Teenage Ambassador International Foundation.

About Mohammad Reiza

I first started blogging on wordpress in November 2006 that you can find at and later in January 2007 I added another blog at and I just recently added another blog in May 2013 at

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