Part 3: Corporate Outlook


AEON 1% Club Japan
I am going to go global and I have achieved international succession as the Teenage Ambassador of Indonesia Program to Japan organized by the Indonesia Ministry of National Education, APRINDO and AEON 1% Club Japan in year 2002. In this chance, I was appointed as the spokesperson of Indonesia. In this occasion, I was exposed in Jawa Pos and RCTI and formally accompanied by the former National Education Minister, A. Malik Fadjar.

Not only that, this year I has successfully achieved another international succession to have an opportunity to attend Teenage Ambassador Alumni Meeting in Japan organized by AEON 1% Club Japan: October 11 – 18, 2005 (attended by 11 participating countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Korea, Australia, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Brazil and Peru). Again, I was appointed as the spokesperson of Indonesian. Indo Pos, a national newspaper, also exposed this news in September.

I was representing Indonesia to maintain a good relationship with my country, Indonesia to promote better understanding between AEON 1% Club and specifically, President University, PT. Jababeka Tbk. and Cikarang Pos.

The official website of AEON 1 % club can be accessed at

President University
I am student of Public Relations in year 2003 intake and a receiver of President University Foundation second scholarship grant. From semester 1, I am able to maintain my GPA above 3.40 as well as to balance myself with non-academic activities at the same time. It shows the ability to develop myself through both academic and non-academic achievements at once.

During the study in President University, I have been doing many self-initiated activities to make the campus life livelier. In the first semester, I did an English discussion with the English lecturer for all students. I also did interviews, researches and the first workshop on the student behavior in spending their time on vacation and some lecturers to be written in a lecturer’s book. After the final exam, I coordinated with my friends the first Blood Donor and Charity to a local orphanage.
From the First Blood Donor and Charity Day, I got the fist media exposure from Cikarang Pos and it really exposed the name of President University.

Furthermore, in semester 2 I did more and more activities such as becoming the senior journalist of President University Newsletter and contributed some articles writing. Besides that, I was the pioneer of an English Course for poor children around President University conducted in campus’ classes. Through this course, I was able to educate around 50 children who were divided in five classes and I was also able to organize my friends to teach the children English. Not only that, from my hobbies of watching movies, I held movie festivals to collect money to buy the materials for the English course and gifts for the ten poor children in a class.

When living in the previous dormitory, I also opened a mini book rental, English study center and also German Education Information Center for my peers. From those activities, I allocated 10% of the income to be donated to the orphan children. I seem to have a very tough and strong will to raise fund from the people to help others and for social activities.

With some friends, I as the Managing Chairman held a Moslem event ‘celebration of Prophet Muhammad’s Maulid. I organized an environment clean up with the neighborhoods, Islamic Film Festival and Gathering invited the Secretary of Hamzah Haz as the speaker. Other activities were Blood Donor 2 and 3 as well as the Charity Day, which invited the orphan children to come to Academia Student Housing to join the celebration of 59th Indonesia Independence Day.

I was involved as well in the first Ceremony of Independence Day in the university in year 2004. I also organized the BBQ party, which was attended by the lecturers and the management of President University in Academia Student Housing.

In cooperation with an English lecturer, I organized a workshop on ‘How to Teach Your Children English at Home’ invited teachers and parents around the university. I made the teaching methodology book of English teaching and later some other students used it for the Community Development projects.

In the early of Semester 3 last year, I was the Project Director of E-Square, a web development team who worked on the President University website development with my IT friends. Surely, it enriched me with new knowledge of Information Technology field.

I have contributed a lot for organizing some activities in President University including the fund collection for the victims of Tsunami at the end of year 2004. My contribution brought some ideas and initiatives to other students.

The official website of President University can be accessed at

Cahya Darma Media – Cikarang Pos
In the early of year 2005, I was sincerely offered to be the Managing Editor and the member of Redaction Board of Cikarang Pos. I have been working with Cikarang Pos since January 2005 and learnt a lot of new knowledge and experience in a printed media industry. I wrote many articles and did many interviews and on-place reportages. During the internship program starting last March, I gave opportunities to three friends of mine to do their internships in Cikarang Pos. Not only that, I also wrote some exposures about some activities of President University. Currently, I also manage the Department of Research and Development and positions Advertising & Promotion Department of Cikarang Pos.

Additionally, I cooperate together with Cikarang Pos, as the Indonesia Environmental Teenage Ambassador doing ‘Cikarang Bersih’ Campaign. Educating people in Cikarang to manage and make Cikarang as a green and environmentally friendly place to live in. Previously, I delivered a speech in front of orphan children in Darunnadwah orphanage. Through this activity, the campaign and I have been exposed to a national newspaper, Indo Pos and sponsored by a new restaurant and café Alhambra, Cikarang.

PT. Cardig International
In the internship program semester 4, I obtained an opportunity to do my internship program in PT. Cardig International, aviations and logistics company in Jakarta. Cardig International is an investment holding company of nine subsidiary companies like UPS Cardig International, JAS Airport Services, Go Trans and JAS Aero-Engineering. Cardig International has some outstanding Business Partners like UPS International, PT. Panasonic Gobel, Singapore Airlines and Singapore Airlines Engineering Company.

From the opportunities given, I have maintained a very outstanding relationship between President University and Cardig International Group. I have successfully persuaded my on-site manager, Ms. Trisia Megawati KD to teach in President University. Currently, she is teaching Public Speaking for Public Relations 2nd year students and Communication Management for Human Resources Management 3rd year students every Tuesday.

Furthermore, I will organize a MOU signing between President University and PT Cardig International Group in developing better relations in placing some students to do the internship program in PT Cardig International Group in the coming future. This surely will facilitate President University students to have experience doing their internship in multinational and big companies.

In addition, as Cardig International Group has foreign Business Partners like Singapore Airlines as well as Singapore Airlines Engineering Company, the students will be able to do their internship overseas especially in Singapore. Later, the President of President University Foundation, Mr. Hasan M. Sujono, the former CEO of Sempati Air, will formally sign the MOU for the Internship program in PT Cardig International Group.

Besides that, I was also involved in the Corporate Newsletter, Cardig News and was exposed on the April-May edition. I also got new experiences in Employee and Subsidiary Relations, Group Conference, Media Analysis, Media Monitoring, Media Clipping, Groups Communication Crisis and Media Relations with national newspaper, Republika and TEMPO magazine.

The official website of PT Cardig International can be accessed at

PT. Jababeka Tbk.
Presently, I am also working with Jababeka, PT Graha Buana Cikarang and working on the Sales and Marketing Department specifically Tropikana housing. I was firstly offered to work on the Public Relations writing of Jababeka Education Park, Academia Student Housing and Pavilion Exclusive Rent House.

I was working on the writings of the ‘Show Unit’ of Tropikana regarding its interior design. I was then assigned to do some analysis and research on interior design and architecture as well as Marketing Public Relations writings to market the products of Jababeka. I was under a three-month-part-time-job contract in PT. Graha Buana Cikarang, a subsidiary of PT. Jababeka Tbk. Through this opportunity, definitely, I have learned more new knowledge.

The official website of PT Jababeka Tbk. Can be accessed at

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