Youth Speaks No. 1


The Roles of Young People in the Nation’s Development
Through University Education

Education is so multifaceted that it is difficult where to begin discussing it. In its broadest sense, education is a lifelong process which enables the continuous development of a person’s capabilities as an individual and as a member of society. It is more than just a transmission of knowledge. The purpose of education is to contribute to the full development of an autonomous, supportive, responsible and committed person.

There are quite number of challenges recently to achieve the sustainable development for every nation. Poor education, poverty, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), population explosion, consumption habits, political instability, degradation of ethics and values are some examples of it. Several years back United Nations (UN) came up with the new agenda called the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to be reached by every country in 2015. MDGs consist of 8 points and education is in the second after poverty. It shows how important education is for nation’s development after poverty problems. Poverty can be eradicated by having such a good education system as education has direct relationship with a human being as the main and valuable asset for nation.

We, in this case the government, should have the clear and targeted goals on education. We may take a look at India for instance on how they develop their country. Their government states that, by 2070, every single person in India will be on education.  They have all the action plans already, and youth are involved on the plan.

No other ways, government should invest in people, in this case youth, through education. Youth needs to be oriented on education policies of respective governments as they are the new generation that will rule the country one day.  All youth must benefit from an education system. Youth should receive must not only involve training in the skills necessary for gainful employment through the practice of a trade or profession, but also provide moral and spiritual enlightenment. Both kinds of education are essential. Thus, it is important to put university in the center of the process of the action and reflection which has to be done so that the youths are not dropped to the edge of their own future but constitute, in the very beginning, as principal actors and critics of their own destiny and the coming societies, that must be developed on the base of solidarity and democracy.

To conclude, the nation’s development will depend on various sectors which are quite interrelated, and youth will be a main player that play significant role with the education as a power. Education is not something that will be finished in one year, and certainly it is not just beginning in 2008. Hopefully this year will provide the opportunity to engage in some deeper thinking about what is needed by education, what is its role in building nation’s development, and how can we and our organizations create the conditions for strong nation through university education.

Muhammad Assad (Indonesian student)
University of Technology Petronas
President of International Student Council

About Mohammad Reiza

I first started blogging on wordpress in November 2006 that you can find at and later in January 2007 I added another blog at and I just recently added another blog in May 2013 at

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  1. Dear Reiza,

    thanks for posting it. It’s quite fast since I sent it thru ur email.. =)

    well, another additional on education, I think the education throughout life is based on four pillars:

    1. Learning to know
    2. Learning to do
    3. Learning to live together
    4. Learning to be

    well reiza, gudlak for ur work dude! do update me on several stuff that we’ve planned..



  2. Hi Assad,

    Thanks a lot for your valuable and inspiring essay contribution. I apreciate it a lot. I agree with what you mentioned above and I would like to add a good point for Indonesian youths and youths all around the world.

    The World-Ready Youth Embodies 5 Attributes:

    1. Dare to Dream: you have the imagination to look beyond barriers, set goals, not limits.

    2. Never Say Die: you have the strength to try all the way, see problem as challenges.

    3. Can Do: you have the drive to go for it; act on your dreams.

    4. Walk the Talk: you have guts to stand up for what you believe in; be true to yourself.

    5. Serve by Doing: you have passion to change people’s lives; let your actions speak.

    Let’s spread these values to all other young people throughout the world, so that we can go on hand in hand in the name of ‘United Youths’



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