Another Weekend Note


August has come…

This is new day, this is new month…

I will have to finish old assignments soon and get the new one started. I have to focus and I have to be quick. This will be hard, somehow challenging to finish the unfinished business. I know that there will be tons of opportunities a head of me, once I finish all of these. What I need now is determination and strategy to eventually finish the assignment.

This is all about my undergraduate thesis…

Just want to share some facts. Last year I wrote a thesis on environmental communication using a quantitative methodology, but unexpected thing happened, my mom passed away. In the middle of its writing, I decided to stop, instead translating it into Indonesian and participate it in a national essay writing competition. That was the first thesis I wrote.

Few months after that, I attended the 1st UNESCO Asian Youth Forum on Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue. So, from that forum, I came up with an idea to write another thesis on, specifically, the forum; intercultural communication with qualitative methodology. I know that i finished the writing late due to some other activities and advising, but I determined myself to finish it however. I did the thesis defense, but the examiners were not as happy as I thought they would be and asked me to revise the thesis after the graduation. That will be painful! so, instead of revise the thesis, I took sometimes off of the university and worked on my participation in the 5th UNESCO Youth Forum in Paris. I made it, and at least I could do something about my life at that time and not to lose everything. I thought that was the best decision, though I made some unhappy feelings of others, but that was my life, not theirs. That was the second thesis that I wrote.

Two semester off, and I returned, ‘Mohammad Reiza Return.’ I enrolled this thesis semester again, starting from mid of May. So here I am, writing an external communication of Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO. This time I combine the methodologies: quantitative and qualitative, hoping that I will get better results and motivation. It’s been almost 3 months and I will have to submit the final draft on 5 September – next month. Starting from next Monday, I will be distributing my questionnaires to the staffs of the Indonesian Ministry of National Education. This is the third thesis that I wrote.

I hope that this time I can make it in time, no excuses for lateness anymore…

I will have to work extra hard, yet, I have to take good care of myself and my health. I just recovered from a serious illness, so I don’t want to get sick again during this next two months. On the other hand, I will have to work to earn some money to cover my living cost and to pay my university tuition also my graduation ceremony…

Here is the start, no matter how, no mater what, I will persist, I will come to the final destination…

About Mohammad Reiza

I first started blogging on wordpress in November 2006 that you can find at and later in January 2007 I added another blog at and I just recently added another blog in May 2013 at

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  1. Hi ‘Om Reza’,
    Nice to read your notes. Thank you for visiting my blog and giving a good pray for me.
    My full name is Sapta Daffa Mulya. I am now 1,5 yrs old. My Mom, Dad, Grand Pa, Grand Ma, and Uncle Na said I am smart and cute 🙂 Hope I will grow as a smart boy like you [could be seen from ur pict 🙂 ].

    Thank you for taking me as a compliment,
    Have a nice weekend,
    “Opa as Daffa”

  2. Hi (Opa nya) Daffa,

    thanks a lot for your constant coming and visit as well dropping some more comments. thank you.

    I have linked your grandson’s blog to mine, you can check it out and link mine to your grandsons.


    ‘Om’ Reiza

    p.s. I also have a cousin, whose name is Daffa too, he lives in somewhere in East Java, I guess:-)

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