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One day before the turning point of life

I have been contemplating myself in the last days, as I still carry on my personal belief of 40-day birthday syndrome. Maybe, it’s only me who has this conception but somehow, after experiencing that in the last few years, I believe in it even stronger. It is about how you feel, think, do and behave in 40 days before your sacred day comes. This syndrome profoundly moves you, provokes you and annoys you but if you can deal with it with the utmost attitude, you will later be able to come up with positive, developing and encouraging results, otherwise you will shook your head and say ‘oh no, I have chosen the wrong direction.’

Turning 25 for some people could be something important but not for some others. This number is believed by Thai people as the ominous age of everyone’s life. To me, this is likely the same. This is when I should be able to make my own decision, the time for me to support myself. Having steady job and monthly salary, getting into the stage of marriage, for which I have to be responsible. Again, this is not easy for almost everyone who is nearly reaching 25. Listening to and satisfying everyone and convincing them that we have successfully passed a quarter of life, saying that everyone lives for one hundred years.

But that is not always the reality that we can deal with. Life is not as simple as it is seen. In this emerging world, people tend to judge other by so many criteria and at the end of the day they confuse themselves, they adjust the rules they have set, for the sake of nowadays’ social judgment.

Conversing with ourselves, could possibly be the best way for everyone before deciding what he or she wants in life. Talk to ourselves and we will get some answers to our questions. One evening I had a discussion and reflection with myself and I come up with some thought, like ‘If we find a hard time to advise ourselves, we are not supposed to advise others…’

Turning point

Receiving several positive greetings early in the morning, which is splendor moment of a new day. As an Indian friend of mine said, it’s just another 365-day journey around the Sun! That’s how we are, we are simply repeating the same things all over again year after year, but that is what distinguishes us and makes us special human being. I wish myself all the best and be a better person for life.

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