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I don’t know and I don’t understand why, there are still a lot of people, who can have fun and be happy by not being herself or himself–by being someone else that he or she is not. How can they survive and accept that condition, unless they are or feel in trance, when they feel out of their own world…

Still, how hard or difficult it is to be ourselves, the best thing to do is to befriend with ourselves, accept him or her just they way he or she is; make positive or negative list–in the sense of strength and weakness becaue I believe everyone has that. The most important thing is to understand ourselves, accept and improve or develop, in other less strong word: adjustment. If we are able already to accept ourselves, that is, actually easier to develop ourselves to be a better person and we can stop hiding what we are really not and start showing people and telling them what we really are.

To be accepted in the society or in the circle of friendships, we don’t have to be someone else that we are not; we are pretending all the time and slowly it will create a fact that we are who we are not and people start accepting ‘us’ not our true selves..what we can do now, so that we stop pretending, take off our mask and begin to accept how we really are is to be ourselves!

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  1. i agree with this article. thankfully i have found my true friends, people who I’m not afraid to be myself when i am around them. and people who also values the importance of them being themselves, when they are around me.

    i am thankful also, that my friends realize very well that they are worthy and they are beautiful no matter what people say. and eventually that also helps me in shaping who i am, and helping me in accepting myself better… i think thats another important point, in order to achieve a higher standard of self respect you have to make sure also that you are surrounded by the right people. or else no matter how much you try to learn to accept and adjust, when you hand around with the wrong peple they would always bring you down.

    i like this article. but what’s chaiyapruk btw? 😀

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