Passage to the Past


Some of us might have been living with the shadow overhead; the shadow of our past. How happy we were and how bright our stars were shining. This makes it heavy for us to go through the present, yet, finding the road to the future. Sometimes and often we recall the memories of our past, so that we can stare beyond the horizon. And of course, so that we can learn something out of it. There are a lot that we can learn from our past but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we always look back. Looking back is good and obviously enriching because then we would understand how rich we are of experiences.

The past is like our data bank that keeps a lot of secrets of our lives and clues and knowledge resources for us. Thus, building the passage to the past for each and everyone of us is an essential part to grow. We can learn a lot from the past and tracing back our path to dig a lot of information from the past is something that will always remind us of our “another life.”

When I was among this group of people who talked about lifelong learning, they teased out the notions of lifewide and lifedeep that were not in existence. However, the thoughts seem to be like wishful thinking that such notions simply don’t exist, but if we open our heart, mind and soul to understand the very fundamental concept of lifewide and lifedeep learning, we would then understand that every man can learn from everything around them regardless of the dimensional concerns of length, width and depth [say: height]. As a matter of fact, if learning processes always carry these concerns, learning would become multidimensional, or in a more popular term it is called interdisciplinary studies.

The flourishing notion of long-, deep- and wide-learning will obviously enrich us and definitely elevate our self capacity to understand more about a lot of things [life]. When one can embrace this notional theory and practice, one can benefit a lot from every single thing one experiences. Not only that, one will understand better about life and about one’s self and that will strengthen one’s soul and emotion–to shape it and sharpen it. Because only with shaped and sharpened soul and emotion, one dares to leave the past and depart for the present to destine to the future, otherwise one would always feel that the path is rough and hard and one would simply quit. I remember a wise woman says “you can’t just quit because it’s hard!” Because life is actually full of hardship, so face it. Life must go on and we have to move on carrying the values that we have learned from our past, which we’ve got by building the passage to the past.

Keep your passage open, build systematic roads to get your particular memories. So that you can always learn, you can always look back to enrich your soul and to take back your experiences to help you and to guide you walk through the present. Now, you have the passage of the past, it means that your are rich because you have your imaginary school from which you can learn from your own mistakes and from your own achievements for a better present.

About Mohammad Reiza

I first started blogging on wordpress in November 2006 that you can find at and later in January 2007 I added another blog at and I just recently added another blog in May 2013 at

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