Fortune of the Future


Have you ever given yourself a second [another] chance?

Everybody makes mistakes, so don’t we ever feel the necessity to highlight or shout out, “this is all your [my] mistake!” I think, all we can do is to understand the circumstances, after all mistakes are just relative conditions–bias toward whose standard or criteria? That way, we will keep ourselves from blaming people because it is all learning processes.

Have you ever felt the beauty and the magic of positivity?

Release your energy and unleash yourself and let positivity enter your mind, your heart and soul, and feel it, feel how free you are and happy as you can be surrounded by the positive energy that you shall desire. Negativity will fill yourself with unstable energy, which will eventually put you in a condition where you can’t really transcend–upon which your innerselves are not moved, not evolved. Positivity will pass around your positive energy, thinking, emotion and attitude; that will translate into happiness, a happy feeling that can be felt by people around you so easily.

So, always be positive and give yourself a second chance to move on, to continue your journey to the future.

Remember, the passage to the past will always be there, for your to travel back and to excerpt the lessons learned, the memories remained and the experiences enriched. By embracing all of those positive elements of the past, you can use them all to create your own fortune of the future. Don’t forget that it is ourselves that can help ourselves, not anybody else; so get a long very well with yourself. Know what you want and what you need, it is fundamental.

The present bridges your passage to the past and the fortune of the future. Enjoy your every single moment of the present, because it is simply the greatest gift for you can;t turn back the nick of time; all you can do is to look back and take the lessons and transform them into concrete actions. It is you yourself that creates your life, your future and it is, again, yourself that can create the fortune for your own future; for life is in your hand, apart from the magical power out there that can easily turn your life upside down, but always remember hold on to yourself and your faith.

Be thankful for everything you have, everything you have achieved for your present is a gift and future life is a conundrum of thoughts and the past is the reflection of the present itself. Exhale and take a deep breath, believe in yourself, your heart and your mind. Your soul and your faith will follow through. Do everything you can do best and do it best, love it for it will be your greatest friend and greatest avenue when the whole world walked through and everyone else leaves you behind.

The fortune of the future is the product of your mind and passion combined, live it, nurture it until it flourishes and harvest it when you really need it, otherwise keep it until the right time comes. Everyone has magical hands, the magical hands extended by the Powerful, with which we can take control of our lives, navigate our lives and sail over the oceans of hardship and the waves of outrageous life. Hang in there, for you must believe that you will destine and harbor to the port of self-discovery.

We are the captain of our ship. Believe in our deep intuition, but yet, listen to the voices of inner and outer others. We are what we are much thought of and restored in our mind. We are what we believe we are and what we can be we are, with all of our shortages and excesses of self-resources. Self-acceptance is the key to happiness, and it is the fuel that feeds our heart and mind to move on to the future with a handful of fortune in our travel case that are ready to be harvested whenever we need it.

No regrets about the past. Positive energies for the present. And optimistic journeys to the future.

About Mohammad Reiza

I first started blogging on wordpress in November 2006 that you can find at and later in January 2007 I added another blog at and I just recently added another blog in May 2013 at

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