Fortunate Passage


I believe that everyone, definitely everyone wants to go through a passage full of fortune in this life. Everyone wants to be happy. Everyone wants to have everything they want to be filled, achieved, possessed and to have them for a lifetime and never even let them slip away from their hands, from their eyes, from their hearts, from their minds, or from their life. That is very human, simply like who we truly are.

Unfortunately, not everyone seems to be happy. Not everyone achieves or has the things they really want in life. Even if they think they feel happy, they sometime, somehow, still want to be happier. Here, everyone is trapped in the pursuit of happiness. Everyone, no matter who or what: children, youth, adults, men and women, white or colored, rich or poor; everyone else.

Some people feel and think that they were so fortunate in the past and they feel that their good luck charm is not shining anymore today. They have been living with the shadow overhead, just like me, like some other people I’ve known and I will meet. We undoubtedly feel so bad about what we are living today, what we have is not as wonderful as what we had in the past. Everything seems to go totally wrong, out of order, out of our expectation, wishes or dreams. Why do they happen to us anyway; that could be the innocent question that everyone of us would ask. And this, this condition seems to never end; never in my sight.

Everything, all of a sudden, looks to collapse, shatter, ruin, fall apart into pieces that we never imagined it could; everything that we have kept for years, dear in our hands, in our hearts, in our minds and in our souls. It becomes the thing far beyond our thoughts could reach. It has gone with the time, which we never ever could turn back. This loss has taken our spirit away from our castle, say our corpse. We are at death’s door. Crawling with hopes to stay alive, for some, but for some others who can’t bear, they crawl closer and closer each day to that door.

Chased by the splendid shadows of the past, feeling the dreadful days following life that doesn’t seem to stop today; all would create accumulation of fear and tear, uncertainty and objectivity, and all of that will drag us away to remember what the future could probably bring for us: the missing spirit. Perhaps, that is what life is trying to teach us, to make us, to shape us into individuals we could better be.

All of this cycle in my life I call the trinity of life journey: to walk, to slow and to end. These are the things that I always keep in mind, as a life traveler. During our walk that we have started since the day we were all born, we could always take a pause anytime, anywhere we want, but we will definitely never know when and where we will stop to travel. Though we could, for ever and a day, decide our stop, just like any other people that did and might do, that would be not the most advisable way for all life travelers to take. The thing is, why would we decide the stop if it has been decided and written and kept somewhere that we all never know.

So, what could we do when at a point of time in our life journey, we arrive to the place and time we have to take a break and, probably, enjoy the time that we have to the fullest, take everything as big and priceless lesson to continue the travel. As we are living today, we should trace back the passage to the past to get the essence of the journeys that we have so far completed and bring them all to our today’s life to get the fortune of the future, for the journey remains for us to travel through, to accomplish our mission, here in life.

About Mohammad Reiza

I first started blogging on wordpress in November 2006 that you can find at and later in January 2007 I added another blog at and I just recently added another blog in May 2013 at

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  1. so mature.. good reflection 🙂

    Yeah, you’re right.. I was always hoping that I could go back to my past, wishing that I did not make such a foolish decision..without thinking how fortunate I already am.

    • hi ran,
      I also thought that we are the present and we are the future, and that the past no longer belongs to us..but we always have to remember what the past could teach us, for our presence now and later, and to tell us, how fortunate we already are with everything we have at the very moment..

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