Black butterfly dancing around
White rose in the secret garden
And opening the door
To the lost paradise of life
Find the moonglow
To light your dreams tonight

Welcome the new morning
Feel the warmth of the sunshine
Glints into the black eye pendant
Opening the invisible eyes
To look through the world

River flows touching stones
And bring you into
A long journey to the waterfall
Of world’s paradise and
You arrive in your destination
But it ain’t over yet

The lightning tries to touch the ground
And shows its almighty
Waking up the sleeping spirits
In the underworld
To bow the instrumental death
And start dancing in the dark

Say the magic words
To open the artificial stone coffin
And see the dazzling light
With the eyes of pure soul
To find the haunted hive
Of the fire ring
To give you ability to read the language

Sometimes enjoyment comes
Through the rain and storm
Flies to the northern light
And sees the masks
That reflects the inner self
To understand the other’s movements
At a glance

Dragonflies dance in the air
Welcoming the sunset
Mountain shines its beauty
On the indigo sky
In the southwest
It may need good rest
You are the best!

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