Me and the Sadness Within


Ya Allah
I think that
I’m not in a place
Where I suppose to be
But I have nowhere to go
Just here
What are You expecting
From placing me in here
Where I don’t want to stay

I found a treasure here
But I don’t expect it
You neither, right?
So, why… why this way?
So me the right path
How I can runaway
From this uncomfortable street

I know
This is all about accepting reality
I have tried
But what?
It doesn’t make sense to me!

Ya Allah
Do me a favor
I really need it now
Ya Allah
Please forgive me

Show me the world
Bring me to the place
Where I expect to be in
To make me feel convenient
In this life

Bring me closer to my dream
That I have been dreaming of
For the last seven years
Please me ya Allah
I’m not about to blame you
Nor whoever else
But this is the truth
That life in here isn’t so understandable

I have to fight against temptation
Try to stare reflection
Deal with affection
That leads to confusion

Ya Allah
What is this all about?
Is this real life
You expect human beings to live in?

Why this is so simple
That hard to suck it up
The grass is so comfortable
That I hesitate to sit on

Please release me
Let me go to the place
Where I need to be
Where all my friends gather
Alright I have only a few things
As long as I’m happy there
Ya Allah tell me when!
When is the right time for me
To fly and fly away

Ya Allah
I’ll be right here waiting
Waiting for the d-day
But please…please…
Make my life here more acceptable
Don’t hurt me anymore
With so many complicated troubles
Make it easier for me!!

Because I know
You’ll always be with me

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