Aurora Borealis


by: Mohammad Reiza

I love you, Aurora
I don’t know why
I just love you
And I don’t wanna lose you

I wanna always be with you
I don’t wanna be separated from you
Nor far away from you
I just wanna be near you

Tell me!!
Am I wrong loving you?
I don’t know where these feelings come from

It came to me suddenly
With enormous volume
‘Till I can’t control it
And kills me little by little

Why you did it to me?
Why you broke my heart?
And why you hurt my feelings?

It’s not you
But these feelings
Cause this misery

It’s getting worse and worse everyday
What should I do with these?
I know your heart isn’t mine
But give me chance to love you

This is hard for you and for me
I only hope you can understand how it feels
‘Coz if you do feel what I feel
You’ll understand how much you mean to me
And why I really love you so, aurora…

I know you’re not that great
But since this love comes to me
You’re wonderful treasure for me
However and whatever you’re

I undoubtedly love you
Just the way you’re
I always miss you
Just the way it’s

You’re in my every single breath
With me in every single step I make
Beside me everywhere I go
Inside every word I say

Do you understand now?
After long explanation about
Your meaning to my life
So, please don’t break my heart

I can’t tell you this with my eyes
And it’s so difficult to tell you by heart
Now I write this poem for you
And I hope you can understand me by reading

We’ve been seeing for months
But I don’t really understand you
Your way of thinking is unpredictable
You easily change the direction

I’m sure you know me much more
‘Coz I’ve told you everything ‘bout me
But why you can’t understand me at all?
Please unbreak this heart
‘Coz you may break my love and my life
I love you much, Aurora…

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