Storm of My Life


December 2, 2003

Ya Allah, I feel horrible now
All bad things come together
While I’m playing in my secret wonderland
“It never rains but it pours!”
The folks who stay far away from the center
Builds an ivory tower
My brother seems so arrogant
As if I were an empty pack of milk
That had to be thrown away to a trash bin
How come I become so this weak?
Like dying cat swimming in a deep blue sea
I’m alright with a wound in my right knee
But You know, I’m dying inside my soul
As if I saw a steelberg in front of my eyes
Very hard to pass it with an ordinary energy
It needs more powerful spirit to help me through
To make me stand up once again
Walk and fight in the battle of life
In the perfect storm of the rainy season
I lose my energy to put bright smile on my face
To give an affectionate love in my wise heart
To set a great thought on my mind
Please, send me the greatest power from the Garden of Eden
To spread my wings and fly away to the blue night sky
To touch and feel the moonlight that glints on my ebony hair
To reach the brightest star in the galaxy
To enjoy the order of the lunar orbit
Ya Allah, give me power and strength to face this life
‘Coz I don’t want to runaway from these complicated matters
But I have to suck it up to teach me how to grow maturely
Pull me out of this stinky swamp that troubles me to swim
And put me into the warm blue ocean where I can dive
But I know, wherever and whenever I am,
Problems will always visit me with their cute smiles and leave me again!!

A true warrior dares to stare the sadness of life and face to see the blood that drips there!!

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