Let the Ancient Oak Screams


December 7, 2003

When I was young and strong
Everyman in this country admired me
They took care of me like their selves
One by one left me alone without a trace
Now I take care of myself everyday and night

Once, he lived with his family in a huge forest
The sunshine glinted on their green leaves
‘Till a perfect storm came and brought his family
After all he lived lonely in this wild life
Dry, rain, flood, thunder hit him the next year

He cried and prayed to his inner self
Looked at little stars on the blue might sky
Without knowing his tears dropped and moistened his body
He regretted his life and cried through the night
‘Till he closed his eyes and slept with the blanket of the earth

In the next morning as the sun went up
A little bird flew and sang, called its friends
They’re flying around him and tried to make him smiles
They told him a lot of stories from the previous season
He smiled at them brightly when a miracle suddenly came

New life has come from the depth of the ground
Little oaks were born and grew up slowly
They welcome the new day in spring after the sixth full moon
Now the old oak is happy ‘coz he’s got new family
He believes, even a very hard day will come to an end

From that day on, he never feels sad again and says,
“I’m going to discover the mystery of the future”
‘Coz I know, Lord will give me miracle in every problem I face
I don’t have to be frightened of growing wiser in this life
I can’t runaway from anything…

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