Song of the Seashore


December 7, 2003

A girl walks on the beach with her empty sights
Lays down on the sea sand and gets up
Looks at the sun goes down on her slowly
Writes her misery on the sea sand
The waves blow those written feelings

See! Her misery has gone…

Children play with the sand and speak loudly
They try to build sand castles together
As the waves come and destroy their castles
They move faster and build them again and again
Refusing to give up with their smiles and laughter

See! They’re still happy…

The girl looks at the children, she plays again
Strokes her long ebony hair, smiles and giggles at herself
She looks so happy and runs to a shiny stone
Writes her inner bliss with her bloody finger
The sunset glint and dries the blood on the stone

See! Her happiness is unforgettable…

Now she talks to another half of herself
Tears drop from her beautiful Spanish eyes
A perfect smile shines from her sexy lips
While the wind blows her hair
She looks forward and doesn’t look back

She walks, talks and continues her journey
She lets all the past stories keep in the pat
‘Coz she knows she will always grow
And never let herself drowned out by the sadness
Now she lives her life with her greatest love of all

See! She’s getting even stronger…

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