Rhythm of a Kite


December 7, 2003

A little boy on the prairie runs cheerfully
Climbs up to his fancy tree house
Starts making a kite, a funny one
Paints his smiley face on the kite
And flies the kite on the blue summer sky

He’s running here and there and laughing
Now the kite’s flying high and higher every minute
The dusty wind blows the kite
It moves continually higher and lower
Now it sings and dances in a height

But, look at his smiley face on the kite
It never goes blue, just smiles at the sky
No angst, anxiety, anger, sadness but happiness
It looks at everything enthusiastically from the brighter side
It never looks at the grass on the ground

He enjoys flying the kite that afternoon
Suddenly the kite flies higher and further
What happens? The little boy lets the kite fly itself
To find its own enjoyment and journey
In another part of the planet earth

He looks very happy by letting the kite go
He runs and laughs where it goes
He falls down on the grass and gets up again
Tries to chase the kite with smiles and laughter
Only one he knows, it’ll always fly with his smiles

The kite will never stop flying ‘till it finds its home
It’ll never fly lower ‘till it touches the vertical limit
It’ll never give up ‘till it reaches its dreams
It flies proudly with its smiley face on it
‘Coz it knows, one day it’ll arrive to the place it’s supposed to be…

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