Undiscovered Reflection


December 21, 2003

You saw a puppet in myself
But I can’t see it in me
I saw a robot in yourself
But you don’t realize it in you

You think I wear a mask on my face?
I don’t lose my character!
I think you said that with emotion and anger
You saw it from your glass eyes

I’m not pinnokio
I never manipulate nor lie to you
I always tell you the truth
But you think that’s only words

What do you think reflection actually is?
If I see an ugly face you think that’s in me?
Yes, I don’t deny it!
That’s a part of myself, my inner self

But remember, everyman has a bad part within
You too, look at yourself
What the hell you think you are?
I can say, now, you’re not yourself but someone else!

Look at you in that dress, different!
You think you’re always right
You never learn and grow if so
You always think you’re the expert of reflection

But no, my friend, you’re wrong this time
You change ‘coz you can’t accept this reality
You’re too afraid to continue the battle
Now face and stare at me, you don’t want it right?

Just be yourself
A complete friend that I knew long time before
You’ll get your inner bliss back to your life
‘Coz I’m not your enemy, I’m your friend…!!

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