My 250th Post: “A Letter to Mom”


Happy 57th anniversary Mom…

It’s been more than three years that you are not around with us. Life has been up-and-down all the time. The first year since you were gone, I was trying very hard to keep myself busy and was afraid that I couldn’t get through with reality, but thank you for sending me angels to guard me, to keep me company and to show me the way. I miss you and I long for your caring when I got sick and when I needed it the most in my childhood even in my teenage. Too many memories that aren’t simply swept away by time, too remarkable and they have been part of me that I won’t let go.

The second year, was kind of hard and easy. But as time passed, I could get a long with it very well and I kept it that way. I guess and I feel that we’ve become closest in a ‘distance.’ I could talk to you, I could share things with you and I believe you now know me best ever since. Was trying all the way possible to keep improving myself and to actualize and unleash my potentials, to grow and develop, for you and at least for myself. I understand that I couldn’t be the best son in the world when you were still around, but I am and I always will be.

It’s been almost a year that I have this current cultural job, which I enjoy a lot so far and surely for the longer run. I am happy with my life, satisfied with all the blessings I have and I hope that you are happy too. I’m living a “good life” according to me, so don’t worry too much, I can take care of myself even though I will always be your little boy. I’m still struggling to balance all life aspects surround me, slowly, one at a time. the most important thing is “I have my life!”

Aside from a good job and a good life, I have been taking a master degree program in regional studies and I’m now in my second semester and I really hope that I can complete this in the next two more semesters, which is mid of next year. I’ll study hard for this. It was my own initiative to take this program as a part of my educational improvement because I know that you always valued education very important. Thanks you for sharing this value with me and I will always keep that in my mind. So far, I’m doing good with my study in spite of the full time job in the daytime and full time study in the nightfall. Only free weekend left for me to grow my personal development; usually I watch socially-critical movies, listen to right-brain enlarging music, read thought-stimulating books and go out to socialize or even for just window shopping.

So, I have briefly mentioned some balls of life: job and spirit. As for friends, don’t be afraid, please. I’ve got a lot of friends here that I can talk to, go out and study with. And they are good people for you always said that people are defined by whom they befriend with. I’m very glad to have them around with me. Health; with the provision of such health insurance I had been taking routine medication to deal with my asthma and my sleeping apnea (snoring). And I feel much much better with myself and my health now. I feel super healthy although, maybe I hadn’t told you that I got Dengue Fever few months back and I was hospitalized for a couple of days. That was my first time to have stayed at a hospital. However, my health quality is now improving and I asked doctor’s suggestions to advise me on any health issue, especially, that one.

And family, since it’s included in the five balls of life + love, which I’m not so lucky about and education, which I enjoy and look forward to completing it. I’m working on this seriously–family. I think I will continue again when time allows. My eyes kept closing and my head kept nodding, I gotta go to sleep. I will have a long Friday tomorrow, but I hope it’s not going to be freaky.

Again, happy birthday and may you rest in peace and that Allah the Almighty provides you with a heavenly garden. I will take care of myself and I will work and study hard and smart too. 🙂

I miss you and I always will… (hugs)

your son,


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  1. Your heart is deemed by the natural flow of fine words,
    Your thought enlightens those who realize but not of mother’s unpainted efforts
    Those who see this writing shall be brought to overwhelm the nuance of belonging, love, sincere, motivation and commitment to be somebody, because of somebody, and for anybody in this world. Sneaking the peak…anyone will be surprised that a kind person like him will find himself in the top of success. May Allah blesses him… working for the ummah and the world, to make a better place for all.

    • Hi Willy,

      Thank you so much for the very encouraging and profoundly moving words. I will keep them in mind and amen! 🙂

      Keep visiting and don’t forget to rate the articles. Take care and see you in class!


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