Let’s Celebrate the National Day of Education!


Today, May the 2nd, Indonesia is celebrating the national day of education. This day may mean something for some but might mean nothing for others. A little factual phenomenon that it’s only the elites or those who could grab the opportunities [say: the opportunist groups]  could afford education, while there are hundreds of thousands of the people who can’t even make efforts to have proper education and even worse, some are even reluctant to get education.

However, the government has provided free basic education since the last a couple of years for all people. But still, there are this fee and that fee charged to the students [though their parents will pay after criticizing] for their additional textbooks, as an example. And although,primary education is free, there are thousands of children that are not schooling, because [1] their family is not aware of the importance of education for their children future and [2] their family prefer that those kids work as beggar, street children and make money by playing music at the traffic intersections, or even help their parents do or sell something. There is no one to blame. All [any involved stakeholders] of us have to think about this particular concern and understand the situation that there are still a lot of Indonesian families that do not really value education as essential human needs.

What I say as stakeholders in my terminology are those five elements in our day-today life that include [a] academia, [b] business, [c] government, [d] media and [e] society. These five have to be actively involved in improving people’s education by [1] deepening their awareness of the significance of education and [2] provide easy access and equal education opportunity for all. these five elements have to also work hand in hand to provide broad access throughout the country for every single citizen toward lifelong learning. It can be through formal education or informal and non-formal.

From the academia’s side, it can be done by promoting the values of education to the wider society and providing institutional scholarship for bright students from economically-challenged families. The government could also provide scholarship and make free access to education for all, from elementary school to high school levels. Besides that, the budget allocation for education to be increased nationwide to cover the previously untouched areas, since the country has over 17,000 islands make it the largest archipelagic country in the world. Meanwhile, the business sides can provide education to the people surrounding their companies and/or factories as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

Furthermore, the fourth element is media and the media is definitely a very effective means of propagating this value of education to national audience or readers. It could still be part of media social responsibility to allocate special education slots in their daily programs so that people increase their awareness of education. As for the society, the ‘haves’ can always be angels for those who need help get access to education by giving small financial helps to individuals, this will mean a lot for them to be able to get education and continue their education to pursue their dreams, ideals and goals in life.

Education, to my deep understanding, will be one key to success and to bright future of the people and this country. Education means a lot for one’s personal development in all aspect. Education allows one to experience spiritual, logical and emotional evolution in a lifetime, again and again, if and only if education is perceived as a lifelong process. Education defines somebody and reshapes somebody to be a better person with better set of characters and personalities.

We don’t have to go to other countries to get better education. Even though there are still a lot of things that need to be improved in our education system, we have a lot of quality educational institutions and we have to believe them and that they have competition values against other universities overseas. We have to know that Indonesian universities also provide world-class education curriculum and methodology and the graduates are ready to stand equally with foreign graduates in this ever emerging and globalizing world.

Once again, to celebrate Indonesian National Education Day, let us together build and improve education in our country and by studying hard and smart we can then show the world that there are a lot of bright people in this country and that we are ready to take a stand for the nation’s development through education improvement.

About Mohammad Reiza

I first started blogging on wordpress in November 2006 that you can find at mohammadreiza.com and later in January 2007 I added another blog at reizamohammad.wordpress.com and I just recently added another blog in May 2013 at reizamonologues.wordpress.com

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