The SEA (Solitude, Excitement and Anxiety)


17th piece: the SEA (solitude, excitement and anxiety)

17th piece: the SEA (Solitude, Excitement and Anxiety)

The SEA is short for solitude, excitement and anxiety, which is the depiction of my very recent psychoemotional experience of my personal life, professional activities and educational process. The sea in the painting is the real sea and I divided it into three different parts: the land (solitude), the fish zone and the coral zone. This describes the three most important things in my life right now; sometimes they are so related to each other and some other times they can’t go along with each other–separated.

The beach of the land

This is the first part of the painting and this is what I call solitude–this describes my personal life. I just feel so estranged and lonely as I have to do things all alone. And I really don’t know how I should react to the situation: should I be sad or should I be happy. In a way, it makes me feel so lonesome and delusional. Been trying to run away from that notion by getting into writing, painting, movies and music. And now I feel like getting back into violin again.

The fish zone

The second part describes my professional life.

The coral zone

The educational life and accomplishment is defined by anxiety in my 17th painting.

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