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I first started blogging on wordpress in November 2006 that you can find at and later in January 2007 I added another blog at and I just recently added another blog in May 2013 at

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Suddenly, I felt so motivated and encouraged to write again.

So, I tried to manage my blogs and move some writings to the other blog.  I now have three blogs:

1. Mohammad Reiza: up close and personal:;
2. Reiza with UNESCO; 2006-2009: the awakening and enriching years:;
3. Reiza’s Monologues: the journey of the minds:;

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Thanks again for your great support all of these years.

Five Years and Your Love Still Lives On…


Dear Mom…

Today is your 59th anniversary and it’s really hard to believe that it’s been 5 years; but I must say that your love, your inspiration still live on in my mind…

Your physical absence sometime makes me envious of my friends who still have their parents, or a mother. It makes me different but not less than others. On the contrary, it makes me different and stand out. That I can stand on my own feet and fight my own fights, move on and achieve…

You are the great woman behind me; invisible but alive and stronger than any… You are the reason I survive and you are the reason I push myself through beyond my limit, although as a human being, I sometime fail… Today was a very rough day. I must say that it was one of the most challenging moments, to handle some programs. Things fell apart and the domino effect started to show its impact, I was scared and felt so daunted by the many possibility that other things would crumble at any seconds too… I put myself together, hold on to the strength you’ve given me and hold on to the inner strength I’ve grown out of yours. And I ended the day with big smile and satisfaction. It was really a rough official trip, but I knew you were there with me…

So, before I go to bed, I just want to let you know that you are and will always be remembered, even if I seem a little far off, you are the meaning of my life… and happy anniversary again! my prayers are always sent to you in heaven…

Big hugs from your soon.

Another Chapter in Life


Once again, another graduation…

Today is another special day in my life. I finished my masters program and I made it with cum laude. After so many months of struggle, one semester postponed–I could have finished the study in 3 semesters only but too many things kept me from achieving that. But the question is: what is it after this? Would this help me improve my professional career? Or would this help me develop me personal social life better? Either way possible, I’d take the chance.

But frankly, today doesn’t really feel special or as if it is the best day of my life. The big week started few days ago, and today is simply the ultimate importance of the week yet I feel like taking this for granted. After two years of on and off determination and commitment always brings me back to the purposes of why I started this in the first place. And now I’ve done it and it’s just I lose control, no direction. I feel like taking some days off of work and putting everything together and looking into the opportunities of the future.

People live, people love. People struggle, people stride. People sicken, people perish. Common things most people do, and we really forget what’s the real essence of life. I still can’t find the answer to this confusion, unanswered thought.

Everyone lives so many different lives in their lifetime. People change all the time, to survive, to fit into new environment, surroundings and changing, emerging life. Someone doesn’t have to be in a certain place, someone else wants him to be. Someone can be anywhere he wants; inside the box, outside the box, on top of the box, underneath the box–simply wherever, for as long as we can create our life and really, get what we want. Life isn’t a perfect world for everyone. And it is not perfect for me either…

Life begins, life is going and life ends; a simple analogy to describe a chapter in life. And in between two chapters there is intermission and once can always slow down, walk, stop and think about to see what’s behind and what will be ahead of us. To see and to learn what the past life was about and what it teaches us. Sometime, we just even can’t think about it because our brain is filled with too many things and we just can’t get rid of them. At this point, we might feel hopeless, hollow and hurt. Some people would feel helpless too, just like what I once was.

Our world, is as big as how we see it. My world now is very small, perhaps just as big as my sanctuary room not big enough to contain all what I want in life. I wish it could have been a lot bigger to hold everything I have in my head, at least–so, it’s blocked. And I can’t get out; I can only make it livelier, more vibrant and more happening. To do the things that I have forgotten, the things that I used to love and enjoy doing a lot and they can bring happiness in me.

I must agree with a friend who once said that this year would be another milestone in my life: one because I finished my study (with honor). I still have few months to make this year more memorable and meaningful. My French is getting better. I produce more paintings in the last a couple of weeks. And I start my violin class soon. So, this year will be full of arts for me, including a more productive blog, and probably (hopefully) a book too.

And I’d say, “follow your heart and passion, your life lies there and beyond..”

2011 in review


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 11,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

New Year Soliloquy – End of Year Note


What’s in a new year?

In a perfect world, it means we’re turning a new chapter of our life, and live another moment of grace, prosperity, health and all other great stuff other people might have never tasted them in a real world.

At the last twilight yesteryear, I didn’t think that I could be here again this time, to enjoy the last sun-although a little drizzly outside-of 2011, the year which I believe most people have been cherishing because of what they have accomplished.

Different people, different destiny. Some people live in a royal palace, but don’t close our eyes, some people also live in a small dirty old shack, with the whole family.

Another person, another aim. One person wants to get another side job only to get assurance to maintain their crazy lifestyle. And another person just walks down the street, coming from one office building to another, to make sure they could get a new job to feed their family.

Life is… Seen as unjust, told as cruel, sounded like a nightmare but the attractions of its fairy tale and of its lifetime funfair make people believe to survive, to struggle but quite often also leave some people feel suicidal.

Life is… The holy grail, an empty one, after which everyone earnestly pursue. It is so empty that most of the time makes us too busy to work on how we fill it with the things we want, the things we need and we forget, almost always how we make it worth-living filled with joy, happiness and most importantly a feeling of “I think I have enough.”

Nothing else matters. Don’t live under the sun of glorious past. Don’t count any more time. Live the present and just live it while it lasts!

And, in this part of the world where I am now, at least I know it in my mind, that new year has flipped. So let me wish you a happy New Year 2012 and may we all have another great blessed year ahead!

5th Anniversary and Still Growing


I was then 5 years younger.
I had then bigger desire.
I was then a crazy dreamer.
But I also then started something that I never knew about: a blog.

I used to write on a piece of paper.
I used to pour my mind down into my personal computer.
Until a friend of mine introduced me to what is now called one of the most influential means of communication: a social media.

I started uploading all my writings into my wordpress account.
Then I uploaded my some photos.
And I recently uploaded my painting images.
And last year I bought the domain.

It is now:
And it has collected over 74,000 hits worldwide.
It is now 5 years in existence and I promise, it will still be growing.

Thank you for your visit and support.
Please come again and give some comments if you have.

Thanks a million,

Twitter: @reizamohammad

Eid Reflection


When I start losing the spirit of Ied about 8 years ago, and the loss of my mother more than 4 years ago. I feel Ied is like any other day, and I fear the start and the end of the holy month, that this day would come again. I partially lost my notional thinking about what it means to celebrate this very special day. But I also fear that I wouldn’t be able to see the next one if I couldn’t make the best use of this time.

But I learn to see, I open up my heart to accept, and I listen up. I see through the eyes of my father how I still could love her, through good deeds I do to him and share with unfortunate others. By sharing, by caring, by loving, by giving–all of these have lifted me higher and understand more the meaning of Ramadan and what’s hidden, and forgotten by most, within it. I was so glad that not only I could see that, but I encourage others to share our fortune with others–and to inspire.

Even though I still failed to cherish Ramadan this year, at least I’ve tried to make it the most unforgettable in my life with big support of the closest ones. So, on this special moment, no matter the difference, I’d wish you a blessed and blissful Eid Al-fitr. May the blessing and mercy of Allah be showered on us until we see Ramadan again next year.

To Travel is To Transform


For some people at some point traveling is a luxury.

It used to be my condition but now to travel seems to be easier than before. To travel alone sounds really not interesting but not for me, although sometime I feel like having a traveling buddy. The only thing I don’t like when traveling on my own is that I will always have difficulty to take pictures of myself in front of a landmark of the places I visit, but it’s not a big deal. It is just one thing to memorize, but the rest depend on how we could pass on the stories to others. And not only that, when we learn, understand, accept and transform ourselves to be a better person after traveling, that’s one big thing. Traveling should make ourselves more culturally sensitive and versatile, and that we adapt to new cultures, peoples and places quicker and easier.

When I travel alone, I got to know new people, I learn about new cultures, languages and social norms as well as generation-to-generation traditions apart from observing the places I’ve visited–how we ‘read’ the surroundings of the places and how they all gravitate towards one largest thing on site and how they could vibrate together to create a bigger life.

I cried, I laughed, I sobbed, I got stunned, amazed, moved and all of those elements that shook my being and shaped a whole new notional standpoint in myself–all of these things that I loved feeling and letting them battling inside my head and my heart. They nourish my soul, my thoughts and emotional connection to the universe. It’s not how long we spend in a particular place but it’s about how quick we absorb and let all the things come inside our ‘home’ through the door of acceptance.

I found myself fought with the locals, I ended up getting lost in the labyrinth of new places and I let myself battle to adjust with the new cultures I encounter and lost in translation of the foreign language I never heard in my life. These things bombarded me everyday with their dynamic movement that definitely help me grow..