Reiza on his three graduation ceremonies

Reiza earned B.Sc. in Communication from President University; M.Sc. in American Studies from the University of Indonesia and Master in Development Management from Asian Institute of Management

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

This page is to provide you space to leave your general comments, email addresses and/or inquiries. I’ll be very happy to read and respond to some, so please don’t hesitate to leave anything here. I appreciate your visit and your support.




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  1. assalamu;alaikum, wooaah..speechless to seen about ur profile..:) i like to invite u as my discussion friend,Insya Allah mau belajar banyak dari reiza euy..

  2. Was very cool to have you in my house with all of your friends , hope to see you soon here or there…
    we will talk and debate about art and creativity as long as you want , ready !

    • Hi Geff,
      thanks for stopping by. I am surprised that you found my personal blog. And thanks for visiting my online arts gallery. please share your experiences and knowledge so that I could sharpen and strengthen my painting genre. I’m still everywhere–all over the place. and of course, hope to see you again soon, here or there…

  3. Visit my fbook page” Geff Strik” , that a good tool to follow my work and travels
    Having you all in my house was a fantastic opportunity , kids did love interact with all of you , they are my best assistant .
    I will be in the middle east soon , and certainely in Central America in a few months , Les voyages forment la jeunesse ! n’est ce pas ?
    a bientot .

  4. Speechless like any other people above after seeing your profile. Respect pokoknya mas Reiza!!
    Sukses selalu n stay humble mas 🙂 Keep inspiring us with your stories

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