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Thank God I Found You…


…what exactly is…Thank God It’s Friday…

(december 1, 2006)

Today is the World’s AIDS Day…well, everybody seems to concern about this issue…(I mean everyone in UNESCO, UNICEF and other entities)

I don’t really care after I receive numbers of email notices on what are organized to day to assist the world’s AIDS day campaign. I can’t join as I’m still in office hours. How could my boss give permission to join any of those campaign programs.

Enough with that matter…

I still feel so thankful for FRIENDSTER.

How I met my FRIEND CHARMING – again – yeah, and last nite was awesome. This is what I have been dreaming of for years. but after all I can say that it was the answer to my prayers.

WHAT A WONDERFUL LIFE, said Louis Armstrong in his oldskool song.

Also what Ace of Base said (as far as I remember) “It’s a beautiful life”…I am so thankful to the Almighty for giving me so much blesses in this life – to be loved by someone – to be loved by some people too (at once?!?)

Get realll!! quoted from a tough girl of London School. definitely..what a blast!! we’ve got to be real all the way in this life.

I also hope that this “someone new” could be my LOVE OF MY LIFE…hey now!!

Bad English preached, “Don’t dream it’s over!!” of course I am not dreaming…it’s just so indescribable feeling, keep soaring when I woke up this morning. What a tremendeous happiness that I could barely redeem after months of salvation.

I am overlwhelmed with gratitude, to have everything I need in this life, even somebody to be with everynite coz I DON’T LIKE TO SLEEP ALONE, Paul Anka sings.

I’ve somebody to share my ideas, opinions and more importantly ambitions. To break down celar steps of what to take and to which direction to go.

I will persist and succeed with the company of this FRIEND CHARMING. This is miracle…one reminds me of…Bruce “Jim Carey” Almighty: IF YOU WANT A MIRACLE BE MIRACLE!!

Cheers, Reiza