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Take A Look At Me Now!


Visit of Malaysian National Commission for UNESCO to UNESCO Office Jakarta, November 2006

Visit of Malaysian National Commission for UNESCO to UNESCO Office Jakarta, November 2006

‘Up Close and Personal: Me, Myself and Reiza!’

I am the second and the last son in my family, grew up in a very happy and depressing environment and condition, but it did help me to find the Alchemist so far. Feel so blessed to have those childhood memories and be a very tough person in life.

I am what I am doing progressively, but I am not what you think I am. Sometime I can be nice but some other time I can be so rude. I am passionate and affectionate but all of a sudden I can be so cruel and rough. Simply too expressive. Some say I am modest but others say I am just too confident.

Well, all those opinions are a way so subjective. If you read the testimonials written below, you will find me in so diverse point of view of people. But I am not a ‘Chameleon Guy’, simply wanna be what I wanna be. I let myself to be expressively free.

Wise men said, “Don’t believe in one-half of what you see and don’t believe in one-half of what you hear” for all those things might not be completely true.

I love myself for the man I wanna be and I love myself for the man who is so determined to achieve what I have been dreaming of. I love myself just the way I am rite now and then.

I am so easy-going person with down-to-earth mentality, simple but modern and can go along with everyone of you in all good and bad conditions. A proactive personality, sometime active and sometime turn to be hyperactive individual. Very helpful, sociable and generous person even though sometime become so greedy and stingy.

Na, I bear in mind that nobody’s perfect…But I believe that imperfectness is the perfectness itself, no?! That is the rainbow of life, black and white and the shadow areas.

I have dark sides too as a human being but I am shining that side with my bright side to cover what I don’t want others see about me.

That’s what I am about. If you want to know more about me & the my bibliography fact-sheet for free, my contact number is given below.