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Cardig Chapter 2: Company Profile


PT. Cardig International is an investment holding company with 8 subsidiaries whose mission is to empower its customer’s core business by providing innovative solutions. While, Cardig International vision is to be a world-class and trusted business group serving the company’s customers with the power of synergy.

A. About Us

The origins of Cardig International date back three decades ago to provide better cargo handling services to international airlines serving the international airport at Halim Perdanakusuma. Following the opening of Jakarta’s new Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Cardig International established its ground handling arm, JAS Airport Services, to provide world class services to international airlines. JAS’s first customers included Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Lufthansa and Malaysian Airlines.
The quality of JAS’s service soon attracted domestic customers as well, and took responsibility for handling Sempati Air, Airfast and Merpati, extending its service to include Denpasar.
Cardig International’s aviation services, delivered through the JAS brand by three business entities, now include ground handling, aero-engineering, catering and cargo handling, and embrace the entire archipelago, serving the needs of airlines from around the globe.
In recent years, logistics has become an important part of Cardig International’s operation, providing transport and distribution solutions for multinational companies operating in Indonesia through its logistics group comprising UPS Indonesia, Go-Trans, Cardig Express and Cardig Air.
As globalisation continues, cost concerns increase, and local customers become ever more demanding, more and more customers will choose Cardig International as their partner in ensuring that products, and people, get to the right place, at the right time, at the right price.
Cardig International is empowering the customers’ core business through innovative solutions.
Mission: to empower our customers’ core business by providing innovative solutions.
Vision: to be a world class and trusted business group serving our customers with the power of synergy.

B. Aviation Services
JAS Airport Services

Ground partner to many of the world’s leading airlines, JAS offers one stop service and meets the aviation needs of its client airlines across the Archipelago. JAS is the leading ground handling company in Indonesia. JAS’ success in delivering a high quality service to its customers has been recognised over the year with numerous industry awards.
JAS Airport Services provides complete ground handling and cargo handling. In ground handling, JAS provides passenger and ramp services tailored to the exact requirements of its customers.
JAS also provides a high quality integrated cargo handling and warehousing service to its clients. Based at Soekarno-Hatta Airport at Jakarta, JAS cargo has branches at all the key Indonesian gateways and continues to expand its network.

JAS Aero-engineering

JAS Aero-engineering is a joint venture with SIA Engineering Company, offering line maintenance services.
Customers include several International airlines, including of SIA, SIA Cargo, Silk Air, Lufthansa, Emirates, Eva Air, Qatar, Australian Airways, Gulf Air, Qantas, Federal Express and Asiana from a present customer base of 28Airlines.

Catering Services

Through its catering operations, Cardig International also provides a one stop quality catering service for airlines flying out of Jakarta (Purantara Mitra Angkasa Dua) and Denpasar (Jasapura Angkasa Boga).
Security Services
Security has always been a top priority for JAS in its handling of aircraft, passengers, baggage and air cargo.
Since the attack on the World Trade Center in New York in 2001, the focus on security has intensified and JAS work with leading international security advisers to identify every area of potential risk and to ensure that every area is addressed, and that no details is overlooked. The safety of passengers, staffs, aircrafts and cargo is paramount.

C. Logistic Services
In the face of increasing globalisation, and ever more demanding customers, there is an imperative for companies to take cost out of the supply chain while providing ever higher levels of service.
Cardig International, a totally independent third party logistics specialist, provides a comprehensive one-stop service to companies who want to make sure that their products get to the right place, at the right time, at the right price.

UPS Cardig International
Operated in partnership with UPS International, UPS Cardig International provides time definite delivery of urgent documents and small parcels to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, with full electronic tracking and tracing of consignments.
UPS Cardig International synchronizing the world of commerce.

Go-Trans is an independent provider of integrated logistics solution distributing goods throughout Indonesia.
Go-Trans specialises in integrated logistics solutions. Through its expertise as a third party logistics specialist and its focus on utilizing advanced information technology, Go-Trans helps it clients to use outsourcing to increase service while reducing costs.
Go-Trans tailors solutions to specific client needs, involving clients’ staff in the development of effective alternatives as well as the formulation of recommendations.

Cardig Express

Acting primarily as a domestic courier and freight forwarder, Cardig Express is one of the 10 biggest transportation companies in Indonesia.
Operating in 36 major cities across Indonesia, Cardig Express provides total transport solutions for its customers, and was the first company in Indonesia to offer Domestic Time Definite Service.

Cardig Air
The newest member of the Cardig International Group, Cardig Air serves the needs of producers in the east of the Archipelago by providing scheduled connections between the western and eastern part of the archipelago as well as by providing scheduled services to international export destinations.
Cardig Air is the first and only scheduled international freighter operating out of and into the eastern part of Indonesia.

D. Business Partners
As a multinational company, Cardig International has four worldwide business partners.
First, United Parcel Services (UPS) is Joint Venture Company and a business partner in international courier.
Second, Gobel International is Joint Venture Company as well as a business partner in trucking and integrated logistics.
Third, Singapore Airport Terminal Services is a business partner in airport services.
Fourth, SIA Engineering Company is Joint Venture Company and also a business partner of JAS Engineering.